17 Old People Who Will Make You Feel Better About Growing Up

Given that I am an incredibly youthful, twelve-year-old musical.ly star who ages at half the rate of a normal human being, I have to say that I don’t really understand what it is like to be “old.” But I don’t think it’s a stretch, necessarily, to say that most people have at least a little bit anxiety when it comes to the idea of getting older. Youth is such a desirable, sought-after commodity that when someone is faced with the prospect of it being taken away, it tends to induce some panic.

But this, I think, is mostly just due to bad PR. There are certain connotations that go along with growing older–loss of hearing, loss of skin elasticity,  the eventual loss of life, etc.–that, sure, are an “inevitable consequence” of growing older, but don’t actually tell the full story. But, today, I am ehre to change all of that! So, check out these old people who will actually make you feel a little bit better about growing up:

1. First, there’s Melanie here:



2. This grandma who just wanted to see her dog:



3. These two pranksters:



4. This grandma who knows a good Snapchat selfie when she sees one:


5. This pun master:

6. This edgy jokester:



7. This pure grandma who’s just excited about her new glasses:


8. And this grandma who’s about to become a little less pure:



9. This mom who knows how to use technology to her advantage:



10. The Golden Girls, obviously:



11. I MEAN:



12. Also, Mr. Rogers:



13. This fun-loving grandma:


14. This grandma who, quite frankly, is more savage than manyof us could ever dream to be:


15. This grandma who just learned about Snapchat filters:


16. Bob, who refuses to be ANYONE’S Manic Pixie Dream Girl:



17. And, finally, Grace here. Who might be a little rude:


What do you think about these posts? Do you want to grow up to be like any of these people one day? Let us know in the comments!

You can reach the author, Sara Hendricks, on Twitter and Instagram.

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