7 Things You Should Never Do To Your Clitoris

There are things that people (read: your parents and teachers) tell you that you shouldn’t do. Think drinking too much coffee before bed and wearing a light jacket when it is ~*so*~ cold outside. And you probably listen politely then promptly ignore them. I get it. We should all do what we want. However, there are always exceptions. When it comes to your clitoris and vaginal heath, you’re definitely going to want to follow these things.

Vaginas can handle a fair bit (hello, childbirth and rough sex) but they are definitely not invincible. And that includes your clitoris. You might be able to rub it at super sonic speed without it hurting, but there are other things you could do to it that could cause serious injuries or even permanent damage. I don’t want to freak you out, but I want you to be informed so everything can stay A-okay down there. Take a look at seven things you should never, ever do to your clitoris.

Bleach It

No, no, no. There seems to be a very weird fad in recent years where people want to bleach their privates, but you shouldn't be bleaching your butt, clitoris, or any other part down there. The natural color of your clit is perfectly fine. Ditto the rest of you.

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Pierce It

A lot of piercings are cool because they're freedoms of expression. The downsides of them are that they can lead to infections or complications if they're not done by professionals in sterilized environments. That is part of the concern for clit piercings, but the bigger issue is that a piercing could seriously damage down there. And if you make it through the piercing okay, the potential for that piercing to cause injuries during sex is pretty high. I'm wincing just at the thought of it getting stuck and ripping.

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Stimulate It With Random Objects

Going rogue and using random objects to masturbate with is no bueno. There are sanitary issues of course, but there is also the very real thing that if you're using things that aren't meant for your clitoris, you could get injured. Therefore, stick with your fingers or sex toys.

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Have Plastic Surgery On It

Plastic surgery is a personal choice, but don't let anyone or anything make you think that there is something *wrong* with your clit and you need surgery on it. Cheesy as it sounds, your clitoris is unique and beautiful like you, and it is 100 percent normal.

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Put Random Beauty Products On It

Vaginas are smart things that have self-cleaning functions and you don't need to do too much to them. Therefore, it's not necessary to apply random creams, lotions, gels, or whatever down there. In fact, if you start applying them, you could actually mess up your vagina and end up with irritation or an infection. Even products that are supposedly meant for your vagina can still irritate it.

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Use Something Besides Lube

We have proper lube for a reason. It's not just formulated to make things easier during sexy times. It's also formulated so it won't irritated your vag and bae's peen. When you start smearing random things down there in place of lubricant, it can end badly.

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Do Something That You're Not Comfortable With

It might seem like a simple one, but it definitely needs to be on the list. If you're not comfortable with something involving your clit, don't do it. Period. It could be anything from sex stuff to beauty treatments to wearing some sort of sexy outfit.

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What other things do you think you shouldn’t do with your clitoris? Let us know in the comments!

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