How You Look In A Bikini Could Help You Get Hired As An Intern

As a former intern, I can attest to the fact that finding an internship can be a hard and frustrating process. You apply to dozens of places, just so they can tell you you’re not good enough. It sucks! Since I know how impossible it can feel to get a good internship, it makes me even more angry to hear that there are still some big companies doing completely gross things to hire young women. Take, for example, this nuclear power plant in Czech, which created a super sexist contest to hire their female interns.

Instead of just requiring applicants to submit a resume and cover letter, like any normal company, this nuclear power station held a contest for applicants to enter. The contest is disgustingly sexist and appalling – ten applicants, who are recent high school graduates, posed in bikinis and hard hats. Shockingly, though, it gets worse! The photos were put on the company’s Facebook page, and the intern was chosen based on how many likes their picture got. This feels like a bad dream, because the concept is so gross.


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Uh, okay. Yes, these ladies look amazing, but WTF? Why would a company hire a woman based on her looks and Facebook likes instead of, I don’t know, her intelligence and skill level?  What is the point of them being in bikinis and hardhats? Why are they on a rusty rail?! I have so many questions. Obviously, the internet was pissed.


The company responded to the backlash, apologizing and saying that the contest was supposed to be a fun way to encourage women to get involved in a technical field. So… they think women wouldn’t be interested in a technical field if it doesn’t involve bikinis and public attention?This is tone-deaf, ignorant, horribly offensive, and outrageously sexist. The only silver lining is that they shut the whole thing down pretty quickly. According to Fox61, they offered all ten applicants an internship.

If we want to encourage young women to get into a more technical field, shouldn’t we teach them that they have to work with their brain, not their body? Looking fierce in a suit is great, and they all looked amazing, but that isn’t the point. It takes years of school and a ton of hard work to become an engineer – this is giving off the message that the hard work doesn’t matter, because if you’re a woman who looks hot in a bikini, you’ll land the job. Of course a woman can look super sexy naked and still be smart AF, but this contest doesn’t give off that vibe at all.  It’s also worth noting that another thing that makes this contest gross is that it was aimed at recent high school grads, which means they were all just barely legal at around 18-years-old. That feels morally wrong. I truly hope this company learned from its mistakes.

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