7 Movies And TV Shows With Unconventional Mean Girls

What do you think of when you think of a high school mean girl? What about the queen bee? You probably think of some Regina George type, right? Blonde, thin, conniving, and straight up evil. Sure, sometimes she’s a brunette, rarely she’s a redhead, but she’s always pretty much built of the same mold: Seems sweet enough on the outside, but ultimately she’s intimidating, nasty, and even if she has a heart of gold deep down, she’s not one to cross. If she’s not trying to make your life hell, she’s pretending to be your friend only to stab you in the back later. You know, like inviting you to a costume party that isn’t a costume party at all. The usual happens-in-TV-and-movies-but-never-really-IRL kind of thing.

But sometimes a TV show or movie will put a twist in the traditional mean girl trope. Oh, you’ll still recognize her as the mean girl; she’s still a piece of work, but in a different way. Check out these seven unconventional mean girls from your favorite movies and TV shows. TBH, some of them are pretty refreshing as far as teen nightmares go.

Marianne From Easy A

It's not too often that the mean girl in a teen movie is actually a religious zealot who gets a kick out of harassing people about their sex life. But, that's exactly what Marianne from Easy A is: A mean girl who thinks she has Jesus on her side. Most mean girls are busy hooking up and being sexually available. Marianne is busy using God as an excuse to harass anyone who has gone past second base.

Miranda From As Told By Ginger

Miranda is such a great mean girl! She's petty AF, she's spoiled, she's shallow, she's stylish... she even has an evil laugh! But unlike most mean girls from TV shows or movies, she's actually more of a sidekick to the queen bee (Courtney), who is a spoiled brat but has a good heart. Plus, how many black girls have you seen play the mean girl in pop culture? Not many. Miranda is a token mean girl in a sea of...white.

Sadie From Awkward

Sadie is the quintessential mean girl to a tee. She's even a cheerleader for God's sake. The big thing that sets Sadie apart from the average teen "alpha bitch," however, is the fact that she's definitely not the size two that most are. In fact, she's on the curvy side and her body image issues have been highlighted.

Paris From Gilmore Girls

Paris is the resident mean girl of the Gilmore Girls universe, but she's not exactly a queen bee. In fact...people can't really seem to stand her. She's not popular or all that well liked, but she still manages to have plenty of mean girl qualities: She's competitive, she's blunt, and she's ruthless.

Amber From Clueless

Amber was less popular than Clueless's queen bee Cher Horowitz. But you don't have to be the most popular girl in school to be a mean girl, and Amber proves it. What sets Amber apart from most mean girls is that despite being a total snob, her style is super quirky. I mean, it's so wacky that if she didn't somehow cement herself as a cool girl, she would definitely fit in as that one theatre kid who always looks like they're playing dress up. Plus, Amber is basically a frenemy of Cher. How many queen bees in movies or TV shows are at odds with the mean girl? I'll wait.

Debbie From The Wild Thornberrys

Debbie is blonde, skinny, snarky, fashion obsessed, and prissy AF. But she's still not your traditional mean girl. I mean, Debbie is a straight up headbanger and spends most of her day listening to metal music. She's also a total loner, which makes since because she's forced to join her parents as they travel around the world. But I say all this to say that even though Debbie fits the mean girl mold, she would probably end up being a bit of an outcast if she was in a normal high school setting.

Hilary From Saved!

A lot of pop culture mean girls are pretty sexually advanced. They either have a steady boyfriend or they don't mind sleeping around. Either way, they're sexually liberated. But Hilary from Saved! is a mean girl with a ton of Jesus Freak in her. She's not going to go out here sullying her virginity...but she'll still make your life hell because she's the most judgmental person on the planet.

What other characters from movies and TV shows should be on this list? Tell us in the comments!

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