How This Offensive Magazine Is Getting Even More Offensive

It’s finally the time of year where we get a ton of ~beach body~ think pieces that flood the internet. I’m all for that – I like a good discussion meant to make people feel better about their bodies – but I’m not really for the things I’ve been hearing about Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. As you probably know, the Sport Illustrated Swimsuit Issue is an annual issue of magazine that features models in swimsuits rather than, you know, sports stuff. Only…t hey don’t really anymore. If you’ve been paying attention to their social media accounts, many of the models aren’t wearing swimsuits. In fact, they aren’t really wearing anything at all. Take this, for instance:

At first you might think, huh, that’s a cute suit. But it’s actually not a suit. It’s body paint. Yes. Body paint. I thought the whole point of the swimsuit issue was to show of the swimsuits, but that’s not even a thing anymore. Sure, I’m ALL for topless beach photos! You do you! BE topless if you want! But why is SI even pretending anymore? 

Look how carefree and fun it must be, hanging on the beach wearing…nothing.  I mean, is this woman wearing a…. Gryffindor scarf?:

Okay, I know I seem mean, but hear me out: Wearing a swimsuit is hard enough in the summer. Now we are expected to be rolling around in the sand, naked? It sucks that this is what people see. Of course, they all look great, but who really looks like that when you go to the beach? Are people reading this magazine going to assume that women are just frollicking in the sand, with bedazzled vaginas, looking like this:


It’s just gone too far. Not to sound too much like a mom, I just worry that this is what people will consider the “standard” when it comes to beach attire. It’s fine if you want to be topless, but can we at least feature some more realistic looks? This just enforces the whole “Instagram beach model” aesthetic that’s making girls feel bad about themselves.



I also do understand that this is “art” and it’s not really meant to be taken that seriously. It just sort of sucks to see these skinny women flaunting their bodies when bigger women are shamed for going to the beach and wearing bikinis. I think it would send a much stronger message if these were women of all different shapes, sizes and races. That way, it would send a message that, hey, women can be confident in their swimsuits no matter what they look like, not just super thin, naked models.

What do you think of these models? Tell us in the comments!

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