15 Of The Most Offensive Promposals Of 2017

After all the prom prep disasters, viral celebrity promposals, and ridiculous prom dress codes, prom season 2017 is finally coming to a close. It’s been a real one, guys, enough to make me wish I made more effort to cop a badass outfit at my senior prom, but I’m not sure how many more Rich Kid Promposal™ videos I can take. And more than that, I’m not sure how many offensive promposals I can take.

Source: Giphy

Source: Giphy

Look, every couple has their own sense of humor. What could be a harmless, funny joke between one couple might be immediate grounds for a break up for another. That can be seen pretty clearly when it comes to promposals. What might make one person swoon might make another one absolutely mortified. Everyone is different, we gotta respect that…to an extent. There were some promposals this year that just took that Anything For Retweets humor a little too far. Check out these 15 out of control promposals from 2017. We hope they had a good time, but we’re sure their parents weren’t too happy to see these make the rounds online, and frankly, neither were we.

1. This racist cotton picking promposal.

Yahoo/Jon Aro via Twitter

Yahoo/Jon Aro via Twitter

The backstory for this one is that the black girl in the middle is actually the heir to her grandmother’s cotton farm, and since she’s homeschooled, wasn’t originally going to attend prom. The white girls on the left and right of the photo were asking her to to to prom with them and, well, it’s safe to say that the average observer wouldn’t have understood the inside joke. The promposal went viral and the two girls were suspended. Yikes.

2. This absolutely out of control bootylicious promposal.

let's have a good ass time at prom promposal

WSHHVIDS @ Twitter

Am I personally offended? No, it’s just some butts! But imagine being the parent of any of the kids in this photo. Woof, someone had to have been grounded after this.

3. This oh so romantic promposal about deporting Mexicans together.

Honestly, this is an instance in which saying MAGA would have been one of the least offensive things that could have been said.

4. This 13 Reasons Why themed promposal.

I mean, hey, it gets points for creativity and execution, but given the film’s suicidal themes…uh, it’s a little tone deaf. Let’s not romanticize this series’ take on depression and suicide even more, shall we?

5. This brazen AF blowjob reference promposal.

AK @ Twitter

AK @ Twitter

CLUTCHING. MY. PEARLS. TBH. I mean, it’s obviously a lot less offensive than these awful racist ones, but you know somebody’s granny fell out when they saw this, LOL.

6. A Get Out inspired promposal.

It’s natural for people in interracial relationships to poke fun at their relationship like this, but damn…let’s not forget that the white family tried to kill the black guy in this movie. Woof.

7. A United Airlines promposal to really set the mood.

This might have been less offensive if she didn’t juxtapose this photo next to the image of the man who was physically assaulted on that United airlines flight. Not in the best of tastes.



This is very on trend lately and I’m honestly a little weirded out. I mean, this would be funnier if the wasn’t a nationwide issue with the police racial profiling and killing unarmed people. But aight. Go off, guys.


9. This tacky MAGA promposal.


Well, I hope they still like Trump after his presidency is over, or else they’re going to cringe big time.


10. This…alarming promposal.

Do a backflip?

11. This “Cash Me Outside” girl themed promposal.

I have a sense of humor, trust me, but how are you gonna low key threaten the person you’re trying to go to prom with to a fight in the parking lot? LOL, like…okay. At least there are donuts involved with this promposal, so it’s not all bad.

12. This Dukes of Hazzard themed promposal that 

Can we just cut the BS and agree that the confederate flag is a symbol of racist terror instead of some harmless symbol of southern pride? Want to celebrate southern pride? Eat some corn bread. Make some sweet tea. Listen to some blues. There are so many things you can do to show off how proud you are to be from the south than flying a flag that was flown by pro-segregation racists during the Civil Rights Movement.

13. The blackface promposal from a guy who was already turned down by the same girl.

NBC News

NBC News

This story got a lot of national attention, because nothing says “I’m happily ignorant” than blackface in the year 2017. A California high school student attempted to ask a girl to prom via Bitmoji, but that didn’t work. So this genius thought, “Hey, if Bitmoji didn’t work, why not tempt her with a little blackface?” Why this white guy used a dark skinned Bitmoji to do his bidding, we’ll never know. But in response to the actual blackface he wore, he said, that it was all just a misunderstanding and he’s not actually racist.

Guys…don’t do blackface. It’s really easy. Just don’t do it.


14. This promposal that’ll make you want a restraining order.

What did the trailer ever do to you?


15. And this promposal that is just…no words.



Here’s hoping that 2018 is better on the promposal front, because this is…messy.


Which of these promposals do you think is the worst of the lot? Tell us in the comments!

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