7 Things You Need To Look For When Buying Your Go-To Summer Sandals

I recently bought a couple of pairs of sandals. One was meant to match a dress I wore to a friend’s wedding, the other was just for fun. But it turns out that the fancy shoes I bought ended up being the comfortable ones, and the “just for fun” pair ended up feeling a little unbearable after an hour of walking around.


If you’re like me and you walk around a lot, you know that the right (or wrong) pair of shoes can make or break your day. Where I live in New York City, our feet are basically our most reliable form of transportation, so comfortable shoes are essential. But you don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort either. Like, I’m not about to send you to cop some Crocs (though, they make great house shoes…just so you know). Check out these seven ways to find your go-to summer sandals this summer and avoid rookie mistakes like the one I made.

Don't Assume That A Heeled Shoe Will Be Uncomfortable Or That A Flat Will Be Comfy

Believe it or not, some of your most comfortable sandals could have a little bit of a heel on them, while the shoes that make your feet ache after a couple of hours are flat and seem like they would be a lot more comfortable. Be flexible!

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If You Hate Crazy Tan Lines...Beware

Yes, this shoe is cute, but are you willing to deal with the tan lines that could come from it? If you don't care about tan lines, hey, more power to you. But some people do, especially if they're more likely to burn than tan. You might want to keep your sandals as simple as possible, so avoid excessive straps.

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Don't Avoid Height

If you want to add a bit of height, don't get scared off by stilettos or ultra tall heels. You can find some killer flatforms that do the same thing without the worry of breaking your neck.

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Don't Bother With Shoes That'll Get Really Gross Really Quickly

Yes, I know that we all want to pretend to be Rihanna and rock those fuzzy slide shoes out and about...but think about it. Think about how dirty those shoes are going to get if you actually wear them outside. Feel free to buy them for fun, but they won't be your everyday go-to summer sandal.

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Be Aware Of Materials

Suede sandals are super in right now, which seems a little contradictory since suede is a cold weather material. But hey, they're a lot more breathable than, say, plastic jellies. Yep, I love jellies too, but let's be real: They aren't the best shoes to wear all the time in the summer, especially when it's hot out. Go for as breathable as possible, your feet will thank you.

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Try Them On Before You Buy...And REALLY Try Them

I don't mean a little walk around the store for two seconds. I mean actually walk around for up to five or ten minutes and see how you feel. It still won't beat actually going out on the street and seeing how they feel, but it's better than 15 seconds.

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Be Practical

Yes, I love shoes with all kinds of cool colors, patterns, materials, etc. But when it comes to an everyday summer shoe, you need to be realistic. Do these shoes go well with most of your outfits? Are you going to want to wear them for hours at a time? Are they the shoes you'll want to reach for when you're going out for an errand?

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What other qualities do you look for in summer sandals? Tell us in the comments!

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