Is It Bad If You Don’t Have Bumps On Your Nipples?

Hi Heather,

Okay, so I read a lot about girls being nervous because they see bumps or pimples, AKA Montgomery glands, around their areola, but I don’t have any. In fact, I barely have any sensitivity on my nipples and it sucks. Is there a reason why I don’t have bumps on my nipples? Is there something wrong with my boobs?


You’re right! Bumps, or bumps that look like little pimples on your nipples are called Montgomery glands and they’re very common. Just because they’re common, though, doesn’t mean they are the same for everyone. Every woman has Montgomery glands – they produce oily secretions that help keep your areola and nipple lubricated, and they really come into play during pregnancy – they just don’t all look the same.

Some women may notice these little bumps only when they are aroused, or their nipples are stimulated in a different way. Other women may notice them all the time. Some might have a lot, some might not. And some people might not have any. That’s you, and it’s totally fine! You might even notice them a little later in life – some girls say they pop up out of nowhere.

As for the sensitivity issue, this is also really normal. Just like with the bumps, everyone experiences different things when it comes to how your nipples feel. Some women have super sensitive nipples that can make them feel aroused when stimulated – some can even have orgasms from their nipples being stimulated alone. For other women, it’s more of a moderate sensitivity, and then there are women who don’t really feel anything at all. Again, this is totally normal, and nothing to stress over.

At the end of the day, it comes down to this: just like any other body part, nipples are different for everyone. What one woman sees and feels might be the opposite of another one, and that’s okay. If you’re really stressed about what’s going on, bring it up to your gynecologist and she can do a check. But you should be totally fine!

Good luck!

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