13 Things That Will Make Your Life Much Easier This Summer

Now that the longest day of the year has passed us by, I feel justified in saying, finally, that it is summer. (I mean, it’s not just up to me. This is literally the way seasons work. But you get the idea.) And, if you’re anything like me, you’ll know that this can only mean one thing–it’s time to start buying things.

I mean, not really. There are many other things you can do in the summer that don’t involve buying things, such as, I don’t know, rehauling your bedroom or writing a young adult graphic novel or joining the local club rugby team or something. You don’t need to spend money to have a good summer!

But here is a counterpoint–gadgets. I will admit that I do love a nice gadget, about as much as love seasonal, but daring, fashion items. And the best time to try out both of these things–gadgets and risky fashion pieces alike–is in the summer. And, as you are about to find, some of these items will actually serve to make your life significantly easier. So, check out these things that will make your life a whole lot easier this summer:
1. Acuvue contacts:

Buy Acuvue contacts here.

Are contacts conventionally “sexy?” Not really! But these Acuvue contacts are pretty useful for summer–you can wear them when you’re doing active stuff, like hiking and biking (if you are the kind of person who hikes and bikes), and, of course, wear sunglasses with them.


2. A bralette that actually supports your boobs:


Buy Aerie Romantic Lace Keyhole Bralette for $29 from American Eagle

No offense, but I, like most sane people, absolutely refuse to wear a regular bra during the summer. Because of this, it is necessary to stock up on my collection of bralettes–though, of course, some of them don’t exactly do the job when it comes to support. But this bralette from Aerie is perfect because it’s lightweight and looks good under pretty much any top, but still maintians a good amount of support.


3. A  sports bar that doesn’t make your boobs feel soggy:


Buy Fully Focused Sports Bra for $44 from Athleta

Is “soggy boobs” weird imagery? Whatever! Soggy boobs is something that many people experience when working out in the summer, and, as such, it is necessary to find a sports bra that combats that. This sports bra from Athleta is supportive enough to be used for a wide range of summer workouts you may be doing–yoga, running, cycling, whatever–but still looks cute enough to wear throughout the day, too.



4. A cute romper:


Buy BB Dakota Printed Romper for $90 from Revolve

For me, summer means all rompers all the time. If only to combat the burgeoning “RompHim” trend we’ve all been warned about.


5. Cute, comfy sneakers:


Buy Maddie Blue Tie-Dye shoes for $50 from Suns

If you’re the kind of person who wears tennis shoes often, but find that you get sort of sick of their design or pattern after a few wears, you need to check out Suns Shoes. These are sneakers that actually change color when they come into UV light, so it’s basically like having two pairs of shoes in one. I have a pair, so I can tell you firsthand that the color-change thing really isn’t hype–the color changes as soon as you step outside, which is really fun. The shoes also come along with a UV light keychain that you can shine on shoes if you’re inside but still want your shoes to change color. And, most importantly, they’re comfortable AF, so you can wear them all day.


6. A portable, sweat-busting cleanser:


Buy Bosica Charcoal Jelly Ball Cleanser for $20 from Sephora

Does your skin get super oily and sweaty over the summer? Join the club! I, too, get absurdly greasy over the summer in a way that I have not yet fully accepted. Lately, I’ve been using Boscia’s Charcoal Jelly Ball cleanser, which is basically a sphere made of activated charcoal and glycerin. Obviously, it’s super fun to use. It also comes with a case, so it’s easy to take along with you if you’re traveling over the summer.


7. Powder sunscreen:

Buy Sunforgettable Brush-On Sunscreen for $57 from Colorescience

If you want to not get sunburn and potential skin cancer (understandable) but are worried that putting on sunscreen to prevent it will mess up your makeup (also understanable, but, uh, maybe get your priorities in order?) I have an excellent product for you–powder sunscreen. This is basically a tube that you brush over your face when you’re out and about that provides you with legitimate, non-messy SPF protection.


8. CC cream:


Buy Your Skin But Better CC Cream for $38 from Sephora

If you feel like you need a lot of foundation coverage in the summer, but don’t want to sacrifice SPF protection, you need to try ITCosmetics CC cream. It provides a remarkable amount of coverage for what basically appears to be a tinted foundation, while also offering non-greasy moisture and SPF.


9. After-sun spray:


Buy After-Sun Soothing Gel for $39 from Pevonia

Forget the sunscreen? Happens to the best of us. (Just, uh, don’t make a habit of it.) If you feel like you got a burn at the beach one day, make sure to use an after-sun spray when you get home. This one from Pevonia soothes the skin, which can help alleviate the pain from a sunburn. It can also reduce irritation after a bikini wax. Whatever the case may be, it’s a good addition to your summer skincare cabinet.


10. A portable phone charger:buqu-charger

Buy Popsicle Power Bank for $19.99 from Buqu

Your phone is going to die when you’re out and about this summer. Sorry. Make sure you’re prepared to deal with it by having a portable phone charger at hand. I like this popsicle one from Buqu, personally, since it’s so cute that it’s pretty much impossible to accidentally leave behind.


11. A room freshener:eucalyptus-wallflower

Buy a Eucalyptus Mint Wallflower for $3 from Bath and Body Works

Does your room tend to smell a little, uh, ripe over the summer? If so, you probably need some refreshment. I love a eucalyptus scent in the summer–it’s refreshing and make you feel a little cooler, even if it’s sweltering outside–which you can get through eucalyptus essential oil or a eucalyptus-scented Wallflower.


12. A fun subscription box:love-goodly-box

Get a Love Goodly Box for $29.95 from Love Goodly

Getting mail is fun! And, of course, it’s especially fun if there’s makeup and skincare in it–my favorite monthly subscription box at the moment comes from Love Goodly, which sends out vegan and cruelty free items (but, like, good ones) every other month.


13. A classic bathing suit:roxy-suit

Buy the Lisa Andersen One Piecce bathing suit for $78 from Roxy

Obviously, summer is nothing without a cute bathing suit. I especially love this one from Roxy because it has a sort of vintage flair that looks great at the beach or pool, but also  carries over into a more daytime look if you want to throw on a pair of shorts and head somewhere else afterwards.


What do you think of these products? Do you have any other summer product suggestions? Let us know in the comments!

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