16 Things That Can Ruin Everything When You’re Making Out With Someone

Movies make us believe that kissing is truly a *magical* experience. And, sure–don’t get me wrong, there definitely are some of those moments IRL. But they are often few and far in between. Outside of the cinematic world, kissing can sometimes be wet, awkward, and downright sloppy. And there are a number of things that can turn a great kiss into a cringe-worthy moment in literally a blink of an eye.

Comedies might show over-the-top things that prevent people from getting their smooching on. Think super awkward physical chemistry, revenge-bent exes who literally yank two people apart, and comedic pratfalls that break up the kiss. But in the real world, the things that often mess up make out sessions are often the little things that we would never expect. Because, of course, that’s the way life works. That’s why I’m here to fill you in on some of them. Watch out: These are 16 little things that can seriously ruin things when you’re making out with someone.

1. The hoop earrings you’re wearing.


Hoops earrings have the potential to get caught on anything from hair to fingers to even lips.


2. Your favorite lipstick.


Warning: All of those claims that your lipstick is “smudge and transfer-proof” are usually BS when it comes to kissing.


3. A random loose eyelash.

false lashes makeup 60s style

Eyelashes that fall out are really annoying at any time of the day, but when they stop you and bae from locking lips, they take things to a new level.


4. Yours or bae’s glasses.


Glasses are super cute but they can also be super annoying when your face gets awkwardly squished from them.


5. Bae’s cute baseball cap.

kiss gif

Hat brims + noses + eyes = bad things.


6. Your long acrylic nails.


A bit of gentle stroking on the face is nice, but claw marks? Not so much.


7. Your nose.


You probably will have never realized the exact size and angle of your nose until you’ve smashed it against your SO’s cheekbone.


8. Your foundation.

wrong foundation color

You might have realized the lipstick one, but foundation can be just as bad, especially when it ends up all over bae’s shirt. Oops.


9. A random chunk of food.

tenor (5)

Surprise! You did have spinach stuck in your molars and now it’s in bae’s mouth. How charming.


10. That long necklace you’re wearing.

Everything was going good, until your necklace got caught on the buttons of bae’s shirt…


11. Family members and friends randomly popping up.

dont look at me

Do I need to explain this one? Nope.


12. Anything in your or bae’s pockets.


House keys, wallets, phones, pens. They’re all dangerous things when it comes to hot smooches. You never know when someone is going to get poked. And I don’t mean that in a sexual way.


13. Ear buds or headphones.


You know how your headphones always get caught on every door handle? They can also get entwined with bae.


14. The clips in your hair.


Nothing like a bobby pin or spiky headband being pressed into your head or bae’s.


15. Your ringing or vibrating phone.


Remember that silent mode or turning it off are the best options.


16. Unsteady surfaces.


Making out on a swing or hammock seems cute until it ends in an awkward fall.


What has ruined your make out sessions? Let us know in the comments!

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