These Teen Boys Wore Skirts To School For The Best Reason

If you live in the United Kingdom, have friends who live in the United Kingdom, or, more likely, have a friend studying abroad in London for the summer and has already started adding extra letters like “U” (“flavour,” etc.) and “X” (“xx, Kaylie”) to their texts, you will know that the country has been undergoing a massive heat wave.

This heat wave is inconvenient for everyone (to say the least), but especially so for students who still have to show up to school in their starchy, hot uniforms. This is why a group of thirty boys showed up to their school, Isca Academy in Exeter, in skirts to protest a dress code that doesn’t allow them to wear shorts in the sweltering heat. Peep what that looked like below:

Isn’t it great? The guys who participated in the protest said they were doing so because many of their peers had been put in “isolation” for wearing shorts rather than pants in the sweltering heat. They felt that the heat was more distracting than a bit of exposed boy leg might be, which will probably sound familiar to you if you are a girl who has ever experienced a “no shoulder” or “no knee” dress code policy at school. Apparently, one of the teachers told them that they could wear skirts to school if they really wanted their legs to be free. This was probably a joke, but some students took it literally, and decided to show up in skirts that they borrowed from their sisters, friends, and girlfriends.

The results? No one got in serious trouble, but, according to The Independent, one student was told to take off his skirt because it was too short and another was told his legs were “too hairy.” (Which is a little rude, IMO.)

Of course, the reason why these guys are wearing skirts is specifically to combat a dress code–not exactly, as it may initially seem, to make a bold statement about clothing and gender norms. You would also be justified in feeling frustrated that guys who protest their school dress code manage to make the news, while a girl getting in trouble for a dress code at her school is such an ordinary occurrence that it wouldn’t necessarily invoke a school-wide protest, let alone a spot on the local news.)

But, if guys are wearing skirts, there’s no way that this doesn’t flout some gender norms, no matter what their reason for doing it might be. So, we’re chalking this up as a win for everyone–hopefully, this protest will show that dress codes often end up being more of an academic burden than whatever “distraction” they were designed to offset. And, perhaps, this protest will inspire a few guys to add skirts into their daily wardrobe, too.

What do you think of this protest? Would guys at your school ever do something like this? Let us know in the comments!

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