14 Cute DIY Ways To Update Your Flats

When it comes to shoes, summer is known as the season for sandals. And while exposing your toes and most of your foot is enjoyable and freeing for many people, not everyone loves to do that. So, what kind of shoes do you wear when it’s too hot or boots or sneakers, and you don’t want to be uncomfortable in heels? Flats, of course! Whether they’re ballet flats, loafers, or mules, dainty flats are perfect for summer weather. Take advantage of your opportunity to wear them before it gets too hot or the weather gets too unpredictable!

Plain flats, though, can be a little boring. So why not take an inexpensive or old pair and make them more exciting with some DIY flair? There is so much you can do with them, whether it’s adding on embellishments, covering them in lace, or adding ribbons to make them look super trendy. These shoes definitely don’t need to be boring and predictable, even if they’re keeping your feet comfortable and cool. Here are some cute DIY ways to update your flats for the summer and beyond: 

1. DIY Leopard Lace Up Flats



Take any plain flats (although, in this case, tan or beige might work the best), draw some leopard spots on them, do a little cutting, add some string, and voila – you’re got trendy lace up leopard print shoes. You can obviously do any color and pattern that you want, or just do the lace up part if you’d like.


2. DIY Ice Cream Cone Flats



You don’t have to completely change your flats to make them look fresh and new. Add something like these little crafty ice cream cones – they make the shoes instantly look more fun.


3. Embellished Loafers



Use cut up old jewelry or stray gems (from the craft store) and some glue to create a really pretty, feminine embellishment on any of your flats.


4. Lace Flats



Add lace all over for a really delicate, feminine look that is perfect for more fancy occasions.


5. Lace Up Flats 



Try a different version of lace-up flats using grommets to make them extra sturdy.


6. Kitten Flats



Paint or draw on an adorable kitten to the toes of your flats for a fun and unique look.


7. Leather Cut Out Flats



Use cut-up leather or faux leather to create a really cool design on your shoes.


8. Embellished Flats



Add anything you want to yours – sniped up jewelry, little gems, a belt you’ve cut up. Whatever you want!


9. Floral Flats



Cover your flats in floral for a design that’s perfect for summer.


10. Lipstick Flats



Add sparkly red lips to black flats for a touch of fun glamour.


11. DIY Patch Flats



If you don’t want to do anything too tough, just glue patches to your flats.


12. DIY Shoe Clips



Take apart old jewelry to create really pretty shoe clips that instantly make your flats more fancy.


13. Lace Toe Flats



Add lace to just the toes for a subtly feminine look.


14. Fur Loafers



Okay, so these aren’t perfect for summer, but they’re very adorable and ~on trend~ so why not make them for the fall?

Which one of these DIY flats is your favorite? What did we forget to add? Share in the comments.

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