The New Beauty Trend Is Total BS

With a name like Goop, you would think that this site would specialize in homemade slime or silly putty. But it is, in fact, a “modern lifestyle brand offering cutting-edge wellness advice,” according to founder Gwyneth Paltrow. Yes, the actress Gwyneth Paltrow. Goop is her wellness brand, which basically means it’s a lifestyle site that offers health, fitness, and more general advice, as well as sells beauty and wellness products, like skincare. Goop has gotten a lot of bad press for pushing ridiculous diet and food fads, as well as selling and over-priced products – and the latest situation is just another thing to add to the list.

Right now, Goop is currently promoting stickers called “Body Vibes,” which are put on your body in the name of good health. How is a sticker supposed to improve your health? We aren’t sure. And they’re not even that cute (sorry):



According to the Body Vibes site, the stickers are made of “the same conductive carbon material NASA uses to line space suits so they can monitor an astronaut’s vitals during wear.” The site claims that bodies are meant to be at an ideal energetic frequency every day, and little things like stress and anxiety can make that go out of balance. The stickers “come pre-programmed to an ideal frequency, allowing them to target imbalances.” So, what they’re saying is these trendy stickers are supposed to “rebalance the energy frequency in our bodies.” Hmmmmm.

How does that work? The stickers are supposed to tap into different parts of the human body, helping to ease anxiety and physical tension. The company recommends wearing it on your left arm (close to your heart) for it work. They even claim that the stickers will help clear your skin! If all of these benefits that come from slapping a sticker on your arm sound too good to be true, it’s because they are – and even NASA agrees.

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The stickers supposedly use “Bio Energy Synthesis Technology” which, according to Gizmodo, isn’t really backed by science. A NASA rep told Gizmodo that they “do not have any conductive carbon material lining the spacesuits.” The former chief scientist at NASA himself even said that the stickers are “a load of BS.” So, yeah, this idea of a healing sticker is a little too far-fetched.

But wait! There’s more! It might be bearable is these stickers were cute and cheap, but nope. A pack of 24 stickers goes for $120!!!!!! That’s five dollars for a sticker that makes you look like you got lost on your way to Coachella or just got home from babysitting a group of three-year-olds. Sure, the concept of wearing a sticker to help heal you is cool, but it just doesn’t work like that.

If you’re that anxious, you might want to consider talking to a therapist, not wearing a little sticker with a mermaid on it. But hey, do you.


What do you think of these little stickers? Tell us in the comments!

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