8 Of Summer’s Biggest Haircut Trends You’re Going To See Everywhere

Summer is finally officially here, which means that everyone is getting into the trends of the season – and there are a lot of them to unpack. Among some of the most noticeable beauty trends are new, bold haircuts. Sure, long hair extensions are having a little bit of a moment, but do you know what’s having more of a moment? Shorter haircuts. It could be because of the warm weather, but I think it’s because short hair kicks butt, and it’s just taken the beauty world a really long time to realize that. Long hair has reigned supreme for, well… it feels like forever honestly, but now is the time for short hair to take over.

Speaking of which, this is the perfect time to take a hair risk. You don’t have to go to school to see everyone else’s reactions, and if you hate it, you have a month or two to let it grow back in before you do have to see everyone else’s reactions. Plus, going short in the summer makes life a lot easier (and cooler). If you’re feeling inspired to make a hair appointment, get the push you need by checking out summer’s biggest haircut trends. They’ve been spotted on celebrities, bloggers, and, well, everyone – so don’t worry, even if you chop off all your hair, you’re in good company. Check ’em out, and then do something fun with your strands this month.

Which one of these haircuts is your favorite? Are you going to try one this summer? Tell me about it in the comments!

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7 Weird Summer Hair Trends You’ll See This Summer

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