10 Things Guys Don’t Like About Giving Oral Sex To Women

While there are definitely some perks about giving oral sex to your partner, it isn’t exactly a walk in the park. You’re submersed in someone’s genitals, where things can get hairy, smelly, and sweaty… usually the last things you want near your mouth, let alone in your mouth. Still, a lot of people do it, mostly because they enjoy pleasuring their partners, but also because something about it can be… fun? That said, there are plenty of things to dislike, and if you’ve ever wondered what those things are for guys who go down on girls, wonder no more. Two Ask Reddit threads (one here and one here) feature guys discussing the things they don’t like about giving oral. 

Two things happened in these threads: either guys said they generally love giving oral, or they said they didn’t like it and got criticized for that opinion. Let’s be clear, okay? It’s okay for a guy not to enjoy giving oral sex, just like it’s okay for a woman not to enjoy giving it. The only time it’s not okay for a guy to refuse to go down on you is if he’s basically making you go down on him. That said, I’m sure many of you are curious about what, exactly, guys don’t like about giving oral sex. Maybe the information will help both of you have more enjoyable experiences, and honestly, who an argue with that?

They Don't Like The Taste

It's easy to wonder what a vagina tastes like if you've never gone down on a girl - after all, we know what happens down there, and it doesn't seem like the taste would be great. Perhaps this is why there is so much interest in things that make your vagina taste better. Anyway, while some guys swear they don't mind or even enjoy the taste, others say it's one of the things they dislike about the act the most. User Theoddestotter said, "I hate the taste. I hate not being able to breath well. And I hate when you're doing it and the girl isn't reacting. Like she tells you "wow that was amazing!" and you're sitting there thinking "why the fuck didn't you tell me that when I was doing it?!" How the girl reacts can dictate what "moves" I keep sneaking in, how she liked it when I did that one thing, etc."

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There's Discharge

We all know that vaginal discharge is, usually, totally normal and healthy. Unfortunately, a lot of dudes don't know that. Or even if they do, they just aren't into it. User Patron_Saint says, "I love goin down on a girl. That said, if I go down and its crazy hairy, or it smells or there is a discharge. Its going to end VERY quickly and Its likely not going to happen again. Fear of this awkward situation can make me apprehensive about doing it in the first place. Which kinda sucks cause I get crazy turned on by manhandling a girl who's squirming with pleasure under my tongues attention."

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Their Tongue Gets Sore

Ask any girl who has gone down on a guy for a list of what she dislikes about it the most, and she'll most likely say the fact that her mouth can get so tired. Well, it's kind of the same when the situation is reversed. User suprhro says, "Because my tongue gets sore, it's not used to that level of exercise. EDIT: Not that I have ever complained or ever will because lets be real, I know her tongue/jaw/throat might get tired/hurt/sore from sucking my d*** and I like that so who am I to complain? Gotta give some to get some."

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The Smell

There are few girls who haven't felt anxious about what their vag might smell like when a guy is down there. Well, sorry to break it to you, but a lot of them don't love it. User ZebrAlpha said, "I love everything... Besides the overpowering smell."

That said, a lot of them did note that they could overlook the smell enough to still enjoy it. And a lot of guys even said they didn't mind it. Plus, honestly think about it: guys can be smelly down there too! So, it's not weird.

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They Think About What Else Goes On Down There

If you pause before going down on someone and start to think about all of the other things that happen down there - sweating, peeing, pooping, among other things - you will get totally grossed out and really reconsider what you're about to do. Well, some guys can't stop focusing on it. User klucas31 says, "I really want to like it, but I need to try to block out the thought that they pee from there, or its game over."

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How The Vagina Looks

There are also some dudes who just don't love vaginas - like, they enjoy having sex with them, maybe, but that's about it. User justtypingcuz says, "Dont like, vaginas dont look nice or smell very pleasant. The fact that the vaginal opening is less than an inch away from a woman's anus doesn't help either."

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Sometimes They Don't Know What They're Doing

Here's, like, a pretty pure reason for not being into oral sex: some dudes feel lost and confused, and they don't know what they're doing, so they're super self-conscious and can't enjoy themselves. User alllen says, "Because I don't know how to do it, I think. I've done it only a handful of times and never really got much of a positive response from them. I've read tutorials and gotten tips from others on how to do it, but never been successful at it. If I'm not good at something then I'm not going to enjoy doing it."

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The Pubes

The threads seemed to be pretty split in how the guys viewed pubic hair. Some guys didn't care, others cared a lot. User h0m3g33 says, "The only thing that ever bothered me is hair getting stuck in my mouth, It's just something that bothers me. So if it is a problem I ask my SO to trim differently, so far that has solved it for me."

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Sometimes The Girl Doesn't Return The Favor

Some guys aren't into the idea of putting in the work for someone who won't reciprocate - and can you really blame them? User siggy1986 says, "I used to go down on my SO all the time but she stopped going down on me so I slowly stopped on her. Don't get me wrong I enjoy giving and receiving and can bring my SO to orgasim without oral. I just am not going to put forth extra effort when its not being returned ever. I should be clear without oral my SO and I still enjoy a active and pleasureful see life. I will say though hygiene is a must."

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Sometimes There Isn't Enough Communication

One of the things guys like the most about oral sex is making a girl feel good. If they feel like they can't, they aren't as into it. That's why it's important to say what you like and don't like. User thehalfchink says, "All of my partners I've gone down on have liked a different technique (direct clit stimulation, indirect, little-to-none, lots of sucking/biting/nibbling), so it can be very daunting to figure out what the next girl likes, especially if they don't communicate while receiving. Lack of direct communication of what they want and/or how they like receiving oral will make me not enjoy giving it completely."

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What do you not like about giving oral sex? What do you disagree with here? Share in the comments.

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