Can Weed Fix All Of Your Period Problems?

If you are someone who has ever had a period before, you will know that, sometimes, the pain that comes along with said period is often just about unbearable. In fact, the word that’s generally used to describe this pain–“cramps”–can feel inadequate and insulting, since a “cramp” is generally the slight twinge discomfort that happens if you go for a swim too soon after eating, and not the debilitating, full-body anguish that period cramps can entail. Well, as it turns out, these cramps do have a better name–“dysmenorrhea,” which is a medical term for intense period pain–and, if it’s something that you experience, you may soon have a new kind of relief in the form of marijuana.

Legal marijuana, that is. Apparently, medical marijuana specifically for period pain is about to get legalized in the state of New York. Medical marijuana is already legal in New York state, but this bill, A582, would add severe period cramps to the list of ailments that allow someone to be prescribed medical marijuana.



The tenuous link between marijuana and period cramp relief is nothing new, exactly (real heads know that Whoopi Goldberg has been peddling luxury marijuana-based products to provide “relief from menstrual discomfort” for a while now) and, to be frank, the science behind it is preliminary at best. According to Dr. Charles Pollack, a doctor at Thomas Jefferson Hospital’s Lambert Center for the Study of Medical Cannabis and Hemp, no “rigorous” studies on the link between marijuana and period pain relief have been performed. Marijuana has been proven to assist with neuropathic pain, which is related to the nerves, but period cramps aren’t technically considered to fall under the neuropathic category.

But there’s also no evidence that marijuana does nothing for period cramps, and it’s certainly “not out of the realm of the possible,” Dr. Pollack says, that it can help. So. There definitely needs to be some more research on the matter, but if you have really bad period cramps, and you live in the state of New York, you may soon have a good reason to have your mom drive you to the dispensary to pick up your marijuana prescription together. And to that, all we have to say is good luck.

What do you think about using marijuana to treat period cramps? Would you ever try it? Let us know in the comments!

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