What Your Sign Says About The Way You Kiss

Since summer is basically here, you might as well get ready for all of the kissing you’re going to be doing this season, right?  After all, summer is the time of ~steamy hookups~ and hanging at the beach with your crush. I mean, I never did those things, but I’m sure you are all a lot cooler than I was at 15. If you’re going to be kissing people this summer, you totally want to be ready, right? Of course. But how ready are you if you don’t know your kissing style? You might be thinking, “wtf do you mean by kissing style?” and that’s okay, since I understand that it’s a weird phrase. Your kissing style is the way that you kiss, of course. And that says a LOT about you.

It can be hard to figure out your kissing style, which is why I’m going to help you out by letting you know exactly what your style is, based on your sign. Yes, your sign has a lot to do with the way you kiss, and it’s about time you realize that! Are you a shy kisser, or a super intense kisser? Both of these are perfectly fine, but you should know which one you are in order to become a better kisser. So, if you want to know more about how you lock lips, take a look at your sign to see how you really kiss.

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