This New Nail Polish Hack Will Change Your Life

I normally hate the phrase “life hack” because, most of the time, the “hacks” are either just really basic things or something so ridiculous that doing the original action would probably be more convenient. So, when I say that I was pretty freaking impressed with this nail polish hack, you KNOW I’m being serious. Emma Young became a low key genius over the weekend when she discovered the most efficient way to pick out a new nail polish color. As we all know, there is nothing quite as anxiety-inducing as standing and looking at the polishes at the nail salon, trying to pick out a color while a line of people impatiently wait behind you. Well now, there is an easier way, and it involves everybody’s favorite app: Snapchat.

It’s really pretty simple. First, you take a Snapchat photo of the color samples, and create a sticker of the color you might want to try. Then, you take a photo of your hand, and try out all of the colors that you might want to try. You can see how the color looks on your whole hand, or add a different color on each nail. This is a game changer. Check out how Emma did it below:





And you can see exactly how the color will look on you. It seems silly, but it’s honestly an amazing idea and I wish I had thought of it sooner. Sometimes, colors look a lot different when they are against a white background, and you want to see what it looks like on your skin tone, right? It’s genius! This way, you can know exactly what type of manicure you want, without having to get get it redone. I even did one myself! But I won’t show you since I am really self conscious about my fingers. Sorry. But here are some real life examples from other girls!




It looks so real, and also sort of reminds me of those Barbie nail playsets that were popular in 2001, but whatever. I recommend this to anyone who truly can’t decide what color to wear on their nails. Why stop there?! You can do this with clothes, hairstyles, really anything you put your mind to. Even better, you can make yourself look a LOT fancier than you are, by adding fancy nail polish colors to your Snapchats, without even needing to paint your nails. The future is here. Thanks, Snapchat.

Are you going to try this nail polish hack? Tell us in the comments!

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