Lorde Said Something Totally Effed Up About Being Friends With Taylor Swift

Recently, it has become sort of a “thing” for celebrities talk about Taylor Swift, no matter who they are. This isn’t very surprising: Taylor Swift is a huge name, and mentioning her in any way immediately brings about more press and attention. Naturally, this makes journalists ask every star about their relationship with Taylor, which can get messy, even if it wasn’t intended. Recently, Lorde AKA Ella Yelich-O’Connor, was asked about her famous friendships in an interview with The Guardian. While she didn’t directly mention Taylor, Ella said relationships with superstars like her is “like having a friend with very specific allergies. There are certain places you can’t go together. Certain things you can’t do. There are these different sets of considerations within the friendship. It’s like having a friend with an autoimmune disease.” Yikes.

Okay, let’s talk about this for a minute. The comment quickly pissed off a lot of people – and rightfully so, it was insensitive – prompting those who do suffer from autoimmune diseases to write about their actual struggles on Facebook. But I truly don’t think Ella meant this in such a bad way. What Ella is basically saying that there are only certain things her and Taylor can do together, since Tay is so famous that she can’t act like “normal” people do. A lot of people with autoimmune diseases have a lot of things they can’t do, which is why she compared the two. Her intentions were probably good and innocent, but a lot of people weren’t down with the way it was worded. 



This actually isn’t the first time that Ella has said something a little off about Taylor. In 2013, she basically called Taylor too perfect and unattainable. This was before the two had ever met, though, and now it’s pretty obvious that they are good friends. It’s pretty clear that, despite their friendship, Ella still sees Taylor as something untouchable – which she kind of is. But that’s not exactly a bad thing – just look at the evidence of their cute friendship! Taylor had Ella perform on her 2015 tour, and they celebrated Ella’s 20th birthday together this past November:

a tough as guts balloon veteran

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So we know there isn’t really any “bad blood” here. Ha, see what I did there? Sorry. Anyway, this comment was probably not as malicious as people are making it out to be. The bad news is that it happened, but the good news is that Ella apologized pretty quickly for offending people:



The apology is appreciated, and we’re not going to act like Ella just committed a crime here. But still – this situation does bring up an issue of making light of people with serious diseases. The comment might sound innocent to some, but it’s these kinds of statements that can make people think of autoimmune diseases (or any kind of sickness) in a more casual way. Having an autoimmune disease is incredibly difficult and not a joke. They can affect any part of the human body and can be very hard to take care of (for example, Selena Gomez battles Lupus, which affects your joints, blood, skin cells, heart, and lungs). I don’t blame anyone who suffers from them for taking offense to what Ella said.

That said, I’m happy that Ella made a public apology instead of acting like she didn’t do anything wrong. It’s nice to see some celebrities taking accountability on their own, without a stuffy PR statement or, even worse, without acting as if they did nothing wrong, and everyone is just way too sensitive. If only other stars would take the hint and do the same.

What do you think about what Lorde said? Tell us in the comments!

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