Who Is Cuca The Alligator And Why Is She All Over Twitter

Way, way back in the day (AKA last week), Babadook was known as the gay icon. He totally had his moment, and became a cultural phenomenon, despite the fact that he was actually a demon. But now, a new creature has come to take his place. And that creature is known as Cuca the alligator. And she is…everything.

Cuca is an icon. While she just seems like a sassy alligator, she is much more than that. Cuca was a villain on an early 2000s children’s show from Brazil called Sítio do Pica-Pau Amarelo, which was based on a popular book series from 1921. The series ran from 2000-2006, but is just now making the rounds on the internet. The books are by author Monteiro Lobato,  and are about two young children who go on adventures with their living toys. In the stories, Cuca is actually a witch who dresses up in funny outfits in order to lure children to her and then…eat them. Weird, but true. Even though Cuca as a character is super old and is quite, uh, strange looking, the internet quickly fell in love with her reptilian features and killer blonde wig. They also fell in love with her sassy motions and head movements.

Over the past few days, it’s been impossible to go on Twitter without seeing tweets featuring Cuca. She’s been everywhere, the star of so many amazing memes and tweets, and some people are even saying that she has officially taken over the Babadook’s spot as the gay icon of 2017 (it was pretty short lived). It’s not hard to see why, considering the fact that Cuca is clearly a fabulous queen who was just waiting for her moment in the spotlight. This year is truly wild, guys. It’s time to get more acquainted with Cuca, so take a look at the best tweets featuring the best alligator on the internet:

1. Cuca is…all of us:


2. She is fearless:


3. She is an inspiration!:


4. Again…inspiring!:


5. She brings us all together:


6. YES, GIRL. Or, gator. I don’t know:


7. She is everywhere:


8. We are all trying to keep up:


9. So relatable!:


10. And yet, she is so much better than all of us:


11: Here she is in her rare human form, in case you were wondering:


12. Truly iconic:


13. We ALL need to be like Cuca:


14. She is SAVAGE:


15. Okay, I’m almost done:

16. She TRULY goes off:

17.And now, she is an idol for all of us:


What do you think of Cuca? Tell us in the comments!

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