7 Weird Things That Can Happen After You Orgasm

I know that the words “weird” and “orgasm” don’t really go together, but listen up for a minute. Have you ever had something a little out of the ordinary happen to you after you have sex? Maybe you start getting a little emotional, or you even start seeing random and weird colors. I know it can seem pretty alarming, but strange things happening after an orgasm are more normal than you would think, even if they aren’t talked about very much. The good news is that we love talking about all the weird sex stuff here at Gurl, so if you’re wondering if your post-orgasm behavior is concerning, you’ve come to the right place!

You probably already know that an orgasm can leave you feeling flushed, happy, exhausted, and peaceful– they’re known for that! But these aren’t the only things that can happen once you’ve had the Big O, and you should probably be aware of the other “side effects” in case they happen to you and leave you feeling nervous. After all, life isn’t like a movie- you don’t roll over in bed and look like a ~glowing angel~ with perfect hair all the time. Bodies are weird, and sometimes they react strangely to sex stuff! Here are some of the strangest things that can happen after you have an orgasm. 

Have any of these things happened to you? Tell us in the comments!

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