16 Signs You’re Wearing The Wrong Bra Size

It’s important that our clothes fit. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to walk around with the buttons on a too-small top exploding. And I don’t want to wear pants that are so big I have to keep a hand on them in case they fall off my butt. Even lazy girls will agree that it’s important to try on clothes to get the fit right, and it’s especially important to do so when it comes to bras.

People aren’t just yakking for the sake of it when they talk about the importance of finding a good-fitting bra. When you have the right bra on, you actually won’t complain about how uncomfortable it is. Your girls will be happy. And when they’re happy, you’ll be happy. Not to mention that when you’re wearing a decent bra, it helps make all of your clothes look good.

To know that you’re wearing the right bra, it’s helpful to know the signs that you’re wearing the wrong one. That way you can correct the issue and get a bra that actually fits. So, here are 16 key signs that you’re wearing the wrong bra size.

1. Your band rides up in the back.



Contrary to what some people might think, a band that goes up your back isn’t a good thing. That band should actually be parallel to the floor.


2. You have pinched skin in the back.



When you try on a bra, make sure you look at your back. If you can see the bra pinching your skin and giving you lumps and bumps, you probably need a different band size, or at the very least, a hook adjustment.


3. The underwire keeps cutting into your sides.



If that underwire is bothering your ribs and the sides of your boobs, don’t write it off as simply it being uncomfortable because it’s a bra. The reason it could be uncomfortable is because it’s a bra that actually doesn’t fit right.


4. Your boobs slip through the bottom of your bra.



Do you find that your boobs keep slipping between the band of your bra and the cups? That’s a definite sign that the band is too loose. Try adjusting the hooks tighter. If that doesn’t work, go down a band size next time.


5. It’s really hard to get that band done up.



Do you have to suck in and pull that band like your life depends on it to get it done up? That’s a sign that you’re in the wrong size, girl.


6. Your boobs pop out of your bra when you bend over.



That bra should keep your girls “fastened” no matter what angle they’re at. If they’re popping out of your bra, you’re probably wearing one that is too small.


7. You can slip an entire fist under your band.



You should be able to easily slip one or two fingers under your bra band. If you can slip more than that, it’s too big.


8. You have enough room in your bra cups to use them as storage space.



It might be handy to shove your phone, wallet, keys, and a package of tissues in your bra, but if you can do all of that, it means that those cups are too big for your boobs.


9. Your bra doesn’t look like it’s supporting your girls.



It sounds so simple, but have you ever really looked in the mirror at your boobs in that bra? If your boobs don’t look good, chances are the bra isn’t doing its job properly. And the reason for that is likely that you’re in the wrong size.


10. Your straps keep slipping down.



If your bra is old, the straps could be stretched out so they won’t be offering as much support. However, if you’re trying on a relatively new bra and you find the straps aren’t staying put, no matter how much you adjust them, it means you need to look for a different style.


11. You end up with “armpit bulge.” 



When you’re looking at yourself in the mirror when you’re wearing a bra, do you notice a random bit of skin between your bra and your armpit? That’s probably part of your boob, and it means that those cups aren’t fitting right.


12. Your boobs bounce like ~*crazy*~ with just a bit of movement.



I’m not talking about during a marathon when you’re going to be wearing a sports bra. I’m talking about when you’re walking in the mall or when you run to try and catch the bus. If you’re scared your boobs are going to slap you in the face, you need a new bra.


13. The underwire doesn’t cover the full width of your boob.



Are the sides of your underwire cutting off part of you boob? It’s time to go up a cup size.


14. Your breasts don’t feel supported.



What your boobs look like in a bra helps you discover how good the fit is. However, what they feel like in it is also important. And if your chest feels weird, it’s probably a sign that you’re in the wrong bra size.


15. You end up with red marks all of your chest and boobs.



It’s common to have a few indications that you were wearing a bra, but they normally fade quickly after you remove your bra. However, if those red marks remain, or they’re painful, it means your bra is too small and that it could be cutting off your circulation. Yikes.


16. Your nipples pop out of your cups.



Yeah, that is a definite sign you need to go up a size.


Have you ever worn the wrong bra size? Let us know in the comments!

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