11 Easy Ways To Prevent Lipstick From Drying Out Your Lips

Lipstick is pretty great. (To be clear: this is just my opinion.) It is great if you are trying to look a little more dramatic than usual, it’s great if you want to look a little more mature than usual, and, if you are someone named “Anastasia Steele” and you are in the mood to waste some perfectly good lipstick, it is especially great for writing on mirrors and, potentially, your boyfriend’s body. Something it’s not so great for? Keeping your lips smooth and supple once the lipstick comes off.

I am a person who is prone to lip chap in general, so I often find that the act of wearing lipstick tends to make my lips extra chapped. It doesn’t just have to be matte lipstick–though that certainly doesn’t help–but having anything on my lips, pretty much, that isn’t, like, straight-up Carmex makes them feel dried out and flaky.

Fortunately, if this happens to you, too, you don’t have to just live with lipstick-induced lip chap! Check out these easy ways to prevent lipstick from drying out your lips right here:

1. Drink a lot of water:



I mean, like, in general. Not while you’re actually wearing lipstick. This will help keep your body hydrated, which will help your skin–including your lips–feel more moisturized.


2. Exfoliate your lips:



You can buy a lip exfoliator or make your own version out of coconut oil, honey, and sugar. Either way, exfoliating every now and then will help slough off random dry spots on your lips, and make it easier to absorb moisture.


3. Make sure you actually remove all lip exfoliator residue:



Exfoliating will make your lips softer and easier to moisturize, but not if you still have little granules left on your lips–this will just make them irritated. To make sure that everything is removed, moisten a cotton ball and rub it over your lips after you exfoliate.


4. Wear lip balm…



It’s another good (vital, really) way to keep your lips from getting too flaky and dry.


5. But not just any lip balm:



Pay attention to what’s in your lip balm! Many lip balms contain ingredients like hyaluronic acid and glycerin that actually pull mositure out of the lips while you’re wearing them and can actually dry them out more. Instead, look for balms with natural ingredients like beeswax and shea butter, which can help your lips retain moisture.


6. Put on a primer before you put on lipstick:


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Technically, you can just use a lip balm as a primer. But if you really want  a smooth, even look, use a lip primer before you apply lipstick–this helps prevent the lipstick from settling into your lip’s cracks.


7. Look for moisturizing lipstick formulas:


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Will they feel the same as a balm? No. But some lipsticks actually do a pretty good job of not making your lips feel irritated and dry–I like Rimmel London’s Moisture Renew formula.


8. Try not to remove and reapply your lipstick too often:



As in, don’t put on lipstick, remove it, reapply, remove it, reapply…you get it. Makeup remover can irritate your lips if you use it too frequently, so try to only remove it when you really have to.


9. Don’t lick your lips:



First of all, this will mess up your lipstick. Plus, licking your lips might make chapped lips feel good, but it actually dries out your lips. So, uh, don’t do it.


10. Don’t smack them, either:



This is rude! Also, it’ll make your lipstick uneven, which might make your lips appear (and feel) more dry.


11. Wear a lip mask:



You can do this at night before you go to bed, or in the morning before you put on lipstick. Just make sure you wait about ten minutes before you put on your lipstick.



Does lipstick dry out your lips too? How do you deal with it? Let us know in the comments!

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