16 Wholesome Relationship Goals You Actually Want

Recently, I’ve been trying to remind myself of something very important: That corny people are not, as I have always believed, my enemy.

This has not been going well for me. You see, I know that the people I should be concerned with are the ones who are actively going to make life difficult for me and my friends and the earth. My enemy is not, say, people who participate in hashtag challenges on Twitter and insist that their “hybrid Hogwarts house,” Slytherclaw, will help the world defeat Voldemort (Donald Trump) despite the fact that “hybrid houses” are not real, and will never be real, and–

Anyway. I will fully own up to the fact that this is a personal flaw of mine, probably because I am a negative person who is slightly insecure who also thinks that everyone in the world is jealous of me, and, because of this, I am trying to be better.

My first step on the road to redemption? Relationship goals. These are, perhaps, the corniest things in the world, and historically, I have always hated them! (And some of them, it should be noted, are genuinely terrible for everyone.)

But some of them are, in fact, not so bad. Are they corny?  They sure as heck are! But this, I am learning, is kind of the point. So, check out these wholesome relationship goals that you’re actually going to want:

1. This text:



2. This freaky-ass relationship:



3. This wholesome boy:



4. This prom goal encapsulated in one single photo:



5. This reminder that compatability is vital for partners:



6. And this reminder that you always need someone who will come to your defense with their words if you’re being (verbally) attacked:


7. This caring lover who knows how to cut the tension (even if it’s by accident):



8. This (maybe?):






10. This important reminder (which also applies if you’re dating a girl, obviously):



11. This extra-soothing life goal:



12. This wholesome meme for a wholesome couple:



13. This reminder that “Relationship goals” carries over after a relationship, too:



14. This outtake from Orange Is The New Black:



15. This practical goal:



16. But, most of all, this:


What do you think of these goals? Are there any that you especially love? Let us know in the comments!

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