10 Signs You’re Having An Orgasm – Here’s What It Feels Like

If you’re new to sex stuff, then chances are good that you have, at some point, wondered what an orgasm really feels like. Maybe you’ve experimented a bit with masturbation, maybe you’ve been hooking up with someone and have done some fingering and oral, or maybe you’ve had sex already… but you still feel like you haven’t experienced the intense pleasure everyone describes in a revered way. You might have felt something kind of good down there, but like, in a weird way? Like it was a good feeling, it just… wasn’t great. Or maybe it felt like it might lead to something, but then just… stopped. If this has happened a lot, you might start wondering if you had an orgasm and it just wasn’t that good for you, or if you haven’t quite gotten there yet.

One thing is for sure: once you’ve had a full-blown orgasm, you will know. I realize this is an incredibly frustrating thing to hear when you are wondering if you’ve had one or not (it’s like when you ask someone how they knew they were in love and they say, “I just knew!”), but it’s very true. If you’re wondering if you’ve had an orgasm, then honestly, you probably haven’t had one… or a very good one, at least. But let me make it a little less frustrating for you and explain what goes on with your body when you’re orgasming. That way, once you experience them, you’ll know for sure.

Of course, it’s worth pointing out that orgasms are different for everyone, and that not every female experiences the same sensations. But, in general, these are things that happen when you’re having an orgasm. They don’t have to all happen at once in order for the orgasm to be *legit* but you should feel at least a few of them. Here’s what an orgasm feels like for women:

There's A Buildup That Ends In A Very Intense Feeling

The best way to describe an orgasm is a buildup in your body - it's hard to put it into words, but you'll know it when you feel it - that ends in a very, very intense feeling. It's almost like relief, although that isn't always what everyone feels. It's just an intense feeling of pleasure that you might feel only down there, or throughout your whole body. You'll know when it's about to happen - things will start to feel really, really good, and you won't want your partner, or yourself, to stop whatever it is that's happening. You might have the urge to make them or yourself go faster, and then you'll feel the intensity that is the orgasm.

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Your Pelvic Area Lifts Involuntarily

An orgasm isn't just felt in your vaginal area, it's felt throughout your whole body. So, you'll notice that parts of your body are moving and doing things without you making them or even thinking about it. One thing that might happen is that your pelvic area and upper thighs lift on their own.

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You Breathe Heavier and Make Noise Without Thinking

You know all of the moaning and groaning and heavy breathing that usually accompanies sex in movies and porn? Well, it's there for a reason - because that stuff really does happen. And usually, it happens without you even thinking about it, sometimes without you even realizing it. You'll notice your breathing getting heavier and deeper, almost like you're out of breath, and then you'll realize you're kind of moaning too.

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Your Muscles Twitch On Their Own

When having an orgasm, or right before you're about to have one, you'll notice your body reacting in a weird way. Your legs might start shaking, your arms might move around involuntarily, you might arch your back and lift your neck. All of these things are normal. Your muscles will twitch and contract right before and during an orgasm, and sometimes even for a few seconds afterwards.

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You Stop Thinking

One of the biggest things that happens during an orgasm is that your mind kind of shuts off. You stop thinking, your mind goes blank, you lose focus, and there's just... nothing but happiness and a feeling of pleasure.

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You Get Flushed

It's totally normal for your body to get super flushed right before, during, and after an orgasm. You might notice that you feel hot all over, or you might just feel like you're blushing.

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Your Fingers and Toes Curl

There's a reason people often refer to orgasms and sex as toe curling: because it really happens! Remember how I said your muscles twitch and contract? Well, it happens in your toes and fingers too. You might notice yourself grabbing onto a sheet or something without realizing, or you might feel your feet squirming around while your toes curl into each other.

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Once That Intensity Is Gone, You'll Feel Strangely Happy and Peaceful

Another major sign is how you feel right after all of that intensity is gone. That brain fog where you think of nothing lasts a little longer, except now you'll feel happy and peaceful, like everything is right and you just want to smile. A doctor explained this to Refinery 29, saying there's a "surge of chemicals in the brain responsible for feelings of euphoria and bonding. Do you feel better than you were feeling previously? Then you probably just had an orgasm, she says."

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The Area Might Feel Super Sensitive

This doesn't happen to everyone, but a lot of women report a feeling of extreme sensitivity down there right after an orgasm. It might feel painful to touch it at all, or it might make you feel like someone is tickling you. You might squirm a little and feel just generally really sensitive. That will go away shortly!

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You Just... Know

Sorry to do this to you, but it's so true! Once you have an orgasm, you'll know! You'll feel it. I promise.

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Do you wonder if you’ve had an orgasm or not? Did you find this accurate? Share in the comments!

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