Is It Bad To Always Get Large Blood Clots During Your Period?

Hi Heather,

I’ve had my period for only a few months. I’ve had a few large blood clots and had one really big one a week ago. I sat on the toilet and felt something big slide out and I looked and saw it was like the size of my thumb. What’s wrong with me??

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There’s nothing wrong with you! Large blood clots are normal and totally fine during your period. They might look and feel scary and weird, but they aren’t. They’re actually quite common, it’s just that people don’t really talk about them, because it’s an awkward thing to bring up. So, seriously, don’t freak out.

It might feel incredibly alarming to feel something large coming out of your vagina, and to then look down and see a lot of red blood, but you’re fine. Here’s what happening: menstruation is your body reacting to the fact that you’re not pregnant. So, before your period, your uterus is building a nice, comfortable home for a baby. But once it gets to the point where your body realizes that there is no baby, your uterine lining needs to be shed – and that’s where your period comes in. During menstruation, your uterine lining is shedding, so your body releases anticoagulants to break down the uterine tissue to prevent it from clotting.

But here’s the thing: sometimes your period is super heavy, and your blood is flowing too quickly for the anticoagulants to do their job. So, clotting happens, and you can sometimes see and feel it. Sometimes these clots might be very large and other times they might be a lot smaller. Some girls online have even stated that they’ve felt what seemed to be their entire uterine lining come out at once. See? It could be weirder.

So, yes, it’s strange to see a large blood clot, but it’s also normal. If you hate your heavy periods and experience them every single month, then see your gynecologist – sometimes birth control can help with that. Otherwise, don’t stress!

Good luck!

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