15 Things That Explain What Girls Are Actually Like

Are you a girl? Do you identify as a girl? Have you, at one point in your life, ever identified as a girl? If so, you are probably of the belief that you understand what being a girl is like–you know, based on your own anecdotal and personal experience. But I am here today to tell you that, actually (#actually) everything you believe about being a girl is more or less wrong.

You might not know what all girls are actually like–even if, you know, you technically are a girl–but these miscellaneous posts on the internet sure do. So, why don’t you let them explain your own life experience to you? (If you are a girl, that is one thing that all of us, I think, can agree is part of the Universal Female Experience™) Do that by checking out these posts on what girls are ACTUALLY like right here: 

1. This is what girls are ACTUALLY doing when they go to the bathroom together:



2. This is what girls are REALLY texting their friends:



3. That Tinder account that’s “just a joke?” This is the filthy, depraved action that’s happening on it:



4. They’re all looking for that man who can do one (1) thing correctly:



5. Which, of course, often just means relying on the only thing that has really been for them their whole life:



6. Anyway, girls really just love letting everyone know that Ben? He’s a hoe:



7. And flirting with the Devil Brain:



8. Also, breathing underwater (hehe):



9. Just Girly Things #574620–Mike Wazowski bath bombs <3:



10. Also, the Frogs Beyond The Hills:



11. Girls #actually love playing The Floor Is Lava, only the floor is…men:


12. What girl isn’t after that hot, hot summer bod?



13. And being as girly as possible in every single way?

just girly things


14. And being, not looking, cute AF?



15. Amirite, ladies?


What do you think of these memes? Do you relate to any of them in particular? Let us know in the comments!

You can reach the author, Sara Hendricks, on Twitter and Instagram.

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