15 Hilarious Examples Of “The Floor Is” Meme You Need To See

If you’ve been on the internet the past few days, you’ve probably seen pictures of people in weird positions and places, avoiding the floors at all costs. Thankfully, it’s not the return of planking or parkour, but it’s a brand new meme that has been making its rounds. And honestly, it’s beautiful.  Here is one, for reference:




So, this meme has a lot of backstory. It really comes from that game you probably used to play as a kid, when you would pretend the floor is lava and jump on everything in your house in order to avoid the floor. I don’t know why this game was so popular when we were kids, but it was a good way to make a mess of the living room.

“The floor is” meme goes along similar lines: either the floor is something you are trying to avoid, so you do your best to avoid it, or it’s something you want, so you lay the F down and don’t get up. I know, it’s weird, but it works. Basically, the floor is something you either really want or really don’t want. If the floor is love, some people will lay down and other people will avoid it at ALL COSTS. Some of these are so relatable I feel ATTACKED. Please, share this moment with me and check out these examples of “the floor is” meme and laugh/cry.

1. YEP. Sorry. 




2. Shoutout to all of us socially anxious gals:




3. Welp, it’s me:




5. This one is wholesome!


6. Hey, it’s us! Why aren’t you following us on Twitter?


7. Okay, ouch, but fair: 


8. Drag me, why don’t you:


9. Hm….meta:




10. Yikes! (Okay but really if you’re depressed you should call a therapist):




11. Do people still use Javascript?


12. For our gluten free friends:




13. See ya!


14. I mean, I don’t disagree:


15. OUCH. Okay, bye:


Do you like this meme? Which is your fave? Tell us in the comments!

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