This Is The Worst Bathing Suit Of The Summer

Are you still looking for a bathing suit to wear this summer? If so, you have many options–bikini, tankini, sensible one-piece, etc.–but we here at Gurl are particularly wild about this sexy, hairy one piece suit, courtesy of whimsical clothing brand Beloved:


A bargain at $49.99!

I can’t stop thinking about this grotesque and horrific bathing suit that should never have been created and makes my skin seethe and my stomach churn when I look at it, and, most of all, what it might be like to have on my body. (Maybe some stuff to unpack there!) Other people have…conflicting opinions on it, too:

It’s excellent for pranking any small children you may have in your life, too:

Make 'em say WTF ?FREE US shipping ??Link in bio

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I feel compelled to mention that while I was searching for some wacky Twitter reactions to this bathing suit to use as filler for this post, I searched the words “hairy suit.” This brought me to this excellent account, which has no tweets, is following but one other account, (@TasteOfAtlanta) and has liked only two tweets in total (below):




Anyway. Back to the real hairy suit. Are you down? I sort of am. Kelly Ripa wore it yesterday, indicating that she, too, is down to clown in this suit:


Why do I love it so much? Part of me thinks that, like most things, it is not actually all that deep.  The suit just fantastically ugly enough to make a scene, and if I am known for one thing, it is my longheld desire for “clowning” around.  (For example, a couple times a year, I will gather my close friends in a group chat and tell them a I have a new crush, and when they ask who it is, I just send them this picture.)

But–and believe me, I say this not to be That Guy, but because I really do believe it to be at least a little bit true–it’s could be a nice way to feel, ahem, liberated this summer. You see, most suits are designed to be sexy in some way, which is fine, except when you really don’t feel like being sexy. Wearing a hairy suit, in that case, is a good way to flout whatever expectations you are expected to fulfill when you’re at the pool or the beach or whatever.

IDK!! In any case, I’m off to buy a new bathing suit. Are you with me?



What do you think of this suit? Does it move you, both physically and emotionally? Let us know in the comments!

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