8 Last Minute Free Things To Give Your Dad For Father’s Day

Attention: Father’s Day is this Sunday. I know, I forgot too. Sorry, dad, I hope you’re not reading this. Luckily, we still have three days to get our stuff together. Unluckily, there isn’t much you can buy your dad when you’re broke AF. I get it, trust me. We all love our dads or parental figures, but we can’t afford the presents they deserve, or we just don’t have the time to run out and plan something elaborate in between all of our other responsibilities. We all have things going on and sometimes these things can slip our minds. That doesn’t mean you can’t make your dad feel special, though – there are still plenty of things you can do for Father’s Day that don’t require money or a lot of time.

I’ve got a few ~tricks~ up my sleeve to help you out this year. I know your dad will probably say something like, “you don’t need to get me gifts!” or “don’t waste your money on me!” and he is half right: you shouldn’t have to prove that you appreciate your dad by getting him a fancy gift. That said, he will probably appreciate a little reminder that you still love him and all that jazz. So, if you have zero money, don’t stress out, and give your dad these free gifts for Father’s Day this year.

Are you going to do any of these things for Father’s Day? Tell us in the comments!

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