15 Ways You’re Actually Damaging Your Hair In The Summer

I don’t have that many complaints about summer. I mean, what is there really to complain about? We don’t have to go to school, the weather is nice, and the potential to see hotties in their bathing suits goes way up. Unfortunately, there are actually some negatives about summer, and one of them is the damage that you can do to your hair.

Sadly, the things that we love about summer are the things that can seriously mess up our hair. On top of that, there are things that we’re doing that are actually making our poor, dry locks worse. Gah.

To help your tresses stay looking flawless, I’ve rounded up some ways that you could be damaging your hair in the summer that you don’t even realize. Avoid them and may you be blessed with good hair days for the whole season. Here are 15 ways you’re actually damaging your hair this summer.

1. Braiding your hair.



Braids are a go-to summer hairstyle and they look gorgeous, however, all of that twisting and pulling can cause your hair to break, so go easy on your locks, okay?


2. Going outside without a hat.



A hat helps keep your tresses looking flawless. Hair can become damaged from the sun just like your skin and covering up helps protect it. Rocking a hat is especially important if you have dyed locks.


3. Not wetting your hair before swimming.



Swimming is great, but it can seriously mess up our hair. To reduce the amount of damage you get, hop in the shower before you go swimming. A pre-swim shower allows you hair to soak up the good, purified water which means it won’t soak up the chlorine.


4. Aggressively rubbing your head with your beach towel.



Hold up, girl. First of all, you should never be rubbing wet locks. Instead, you should be gently blotting them. When you rub your tresses, it can cause the hair follicles to break. Not to mention that it creates a mountain of frizz.


5. Blowdrying your hair.



If your hair is already feeling a bit dry from the humid temperatures, blowdrying can only add to the problem. Use the hot temperatures to your advantage and try to let your hair air-dry when you can.


6. Never rinsing the chlorine out of your hair.



I know that you’re having fun at the pool and you don’t want to stop, but rinsing your hair is so important. That chlorine can mess with the color and condition of your hair. So, make sure you’re rinsing your hair post-swim.


7. Not using a hair sunscreen.


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Yes, you heard me. Your hair needs sunscreen, too. I know that no one wants to apply that white gunk to their mane, but you don’t have to. Try a spray formula or look for lightweight formulas that are actually meant for your locks.


8. Using the wrong hair products.


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In the summer, it’s important to look for nourishing hair products. Even if your hair is normally on the oilier side, you could probably do with some extra moisture. And if you’re swimming at the beach or pool, you will want to look for clarifying products to remove any build-up.


9. Overwashing your mane.



You might be tempted to increase how often you wash your hair in the hot, sweaty summer months, but that could disrupt the pH levels of your scalp and/or dry out your locks. And both of those things are never good.


10. Pulling your hair into high buns and ponytails.



High hairstyles are great when we want to get our long locks off of our sweaty necks. The problem? Those gravity-defying ‘dos can cause your tresses to become damaged. To reduce the amount of breakage, ensure that you’re using a proper hair tie (read: no elastic bands) and try not to pull on your hair.


11. Using a hairbrush on wet hair.


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If you always bring your hairbrush in your beach bag, you need to switch it for a comb ASAP. Wet hair is fragile and when you brush it, you often pull it. And that leads to breakage. I know that using a comb to get rid of tangles takes longer, but it is much better for your hair in the long run.


12. Trying a festival-ready rainbow hair color.



Rainbow hair is oh-so-pretty but achieving that unicorn mane puts a lot of stress on hair thanks to the bleach and dye. Therefore, it’s especially important to treat your locks with TLC and avoid doing the other things on the list to ensure that you keep them hydrated.


13. Twisting your locks.



When you’re creating twisted hairstyles or you’re trying to be all *flirty* with your crush by twisting your hair around your finger, be aware that both are no bueno. Any time you play with your hair, you’re basically putting stress on it which can lead to damage. Remember that the next time you go to twist that strand around your finger.


14. Never using heat protection sprays.


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Heat protection sprays can work double duty in the summer: 1. They help prevent your hair from styling damage. 2. They can protect your mane against the sun’s harmful UVA/UB rays. When you don’t use protective products you’re setting your locks up for damage.


15. Being addicted to the air conditioner.



Having A/C can be a lifesaver when the temperatures go beyond the 1oo-degrees mark. However, that air con can suck the moisture from your hair. FYI: It can do the same thing to your skin.


Have you ever damaged your hair in the summer? Let us know in the comments!

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