Why This Skittles Pride Month Campaign Is Actually Offensive

Around this time of year, there is always at least one company with a questionable Pride Month campaign. For instance, Abercrombie & Fitch was recently criticized for thinking that Pride Month was for ~everybody~ instead of the LGBTQ community (it’s not).  I thought that maybe companies would stop trying to make Pride Month about themselves, but then Skittles had to come along and ruin it. The company released an “all-white” version of their normally rainbow-colored candies and I’m not really sure why, TBH. And the internet doesn’t really know what to think, either.




Here is the commercial, for reference:

It’s weird, right? I sort of see what they are trying to do, but it makes very little sense. In order to celebrate the LGBTQ community, they are trying to eliminate their colors. But…it sends a very weird message. Why would you eliminate the colors, instead of embracing them, like others are doing? Also, how are you supposed to avoid the gross flavors?! Twitter users are all debating on if it is racist, homophobic, or just another marketing campaign.





Some people think that it’s weird that celebrating the LGBTQ community means taking away the rainbow. It just…doesn’t really makes sense to celebrate pride by ignoring the rainbow, right? Other people think that the idea of all-white skittles is racist, and other people think that those people are being ridiculous. Honestly…this is a mess. They are making Skittles all white in order to “represent equality” but what about that is equal? I don’t know, it’s confusing. Other people are fine with the new candy, despite its whiteness.


So, this campaign is really weird and the consensus seems to be that Skittles sort of effed up. But it IS getting people to talk about Skittles, which means that they are doing their job, I  guess? And, according to Time, some of the proceeds are going to charity, so…I suppose that’s a plus.

What do you think of the new skittles? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Jayme catale

    The thought that people are so focused on white america that they can not think of any other concept than Kl Klux Klan skittles is pathetic and really annoying. I don’t know maybe its saying the opposite?! Like..people aren’t defined by their color so they made them all white AND BLACK QUESTION MARKS! People are making everything about race and buying into the propaganda bullshit. Kinda sounds like the idiots who bought in to Hitler’s ideal of making the world a better place by extermination of jews,