People Are Enraged About This Sexist AF Car Ad

Are you, a lady, interested in driving, but worried, as all ladies are, that said driving might impede your important lady activities and beautiful lady manicure? If so, don’t worry–French carmaker Renault has a new car and nail polish just for you.

Don’t believe me? Check out their new ad for their “Twingo” car, a small vehicle targeted towards urban women:

As you can see, Renault has released a limited-edition nail polish that also works as car paint (you know, to patch up those scratches you always make on your car when you’re parking, because women! can’t! drive!!) for “active lady drivers who need to get about town but who are also attentive to fashion and looks.” And, for its ad, I’ll say this much–it’s no Kendall Jenner x Pepsi experience, that’s for sure!

Still even set against that low, low bar, the ad is still, um, in poor taste. It might not seem particularly insidious at first, as there are, certainly, people in this world who might classify themselves as “active lady drivers” who love to “get about town” but also care about “fashion and looks,” but to frame these characteristics as though they can exclusively be attributed to women is pretty sexist. And, of course, people aren’t exactly happy about it. Marie-Noelle Bas, the head of the French feminist collective Chiennes de Garde, told The Independent that the ad “reduces women to their beauty concerns and their inability to drive.”

This ad, much like the ill-received “pride is for everyone” tweet from clothes retailer Abercrombie & Fitch earlier this week, this ad might have flown under the radar had it come from a company with a slightly less problematic history, but, unfortunately, that’s not exactly the case. Over the years, Renault’s advertising has come under fire for being racist, sexist, and, according to one U.K. advertising watchdog group, guilty of treating women like “objects.”

So. It is possible, I suppose, that Renault will learn from this gaffe. But it is much more likely, unfortunately, that they will keep putting out sexist ads that don’t benefit anyone until they stop receiving coverage for it. And, with that, I will leave this story be. Hopefully forever!

What do you think of this ad? Is it sexist or not? Let us know in the comments!

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