10 Guys Reveal What They Want You To Do During Girl On Top Sex

Let’s get real for a second: for a lot of women, the girl on top sex position is one of the toughest ones to master. There are a few reasons for that! For one thing, it can often feel like the most vulnerable. Not only are you sitting up there, your whole body in full view of the guy below you (from a traditionally unflattering angle in terms of photography), but you’re also usually looking the guy in the eyes. For another thing, you are the one doing the majority of the work, which can feel quite different if you’re used to positions like missionary or doggy style. Girl on top is a tough sex position for any woman who feels nervous, anxious, clueless, or self-conscious during sex. Unfortunately for anyone who feels that way, it’s also widely regarded as one of the best positions for women to have orgasms, and as one of the sexist positions guys enjoy.

So, understandably, a lot of girls want to try it, even if they’re totally freaked out by it. It’s normal to feel like you have no idea what you’re doing up there, whether it’s your first time trying it out or you’ve done it a lot and just feel you’re not quite getting it. Sex isn’t an effortless thing for everyone, and there are certain things one could use a little more help with. If you’re curious about how to nail this position, then you’ll love these excerpts from this Ask Reddit thread, where guys reveal what they want you to do during girl on top sex. The advice is actually helpful, and it just might make this one of your new favorites! Why not try out some of the tips?

Don't Grind Your Hips

When you're on top, you might have the instinct to grind your hips, as that seems the most natural. But maybe don't, because according to the Reddit thread, a lot of guys don't like it. User leftajar said, "In my experience, a lot of chicks will do a 'grind their hips' motion. This not only doesn't feel that great, it's actively painful. It's like my dick is getting bent over and over. The motion that feels good to men is generally an "in-and-out" motion. One way to do this is to basically twerk -- lean really far forward on your guy, and move only your hips up and down."

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Avoid Making Circular Motions

If you ever read tips on how to do girl on top in a magazine like, say, Cosmo, you might have read one tip about moving your hips in a circular motion. It's a really popular one, but according to the thread, a lot of guys aren't into that either. It's also called hula-hooping, and a lot of guys say it's actually painful for them. User inferno521Male said, "Grind or shorter bounces(don't wanna slip out). Do not hula-hoop." Notice how he says to grind? Well, all dudes are different! So, keep that in mind as you read through this.

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Show That You're Enjoying Yourself

One of the things guys love most about girl on top is that they get to watch you having sex, which they love! Obviously, they want to see you getting turned on and really into it. User singeblanc said, "Men are pretty visual, so honestly if you just look like you're loving it, that you're moving as if you just can't get enough of the D, then that's hot. The specific movement is less important than going wild and showing him how much you are enjoying yourself."

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Go Back and Forth

If you've ever gone horseback riding, you might find it useful when it comes to this sex position. One common response among the thread was the suggestion for girls to move back and forth. User noodle_arm said, "Back and forth, back and forth. Like you're trying to stay on a horse."

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Exaggerate Your Motions

Some guys want you to put on a little show while you're up there, and if you feel comfortable doing that, go for it! A user who has since deleted his username said, "I'm usually pretty pleased with anything when she's on top. But, a few of my favorite things... emphasized motions and contortions... you feel like leaning back, freaking go for it. You feel like running your hands up your sides, or feeling your own parts... yeah, for the love of god, go for it. I'm also a particular fan of the sensation of breasts pressed against me or moving on my skin. It's sexy, it's soft, it's intimate."

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Try Different Angles

A lot of dudes like you to try different things while you're up there to switch things up, and many encourage you to try different movements until you discover what's right for both of you, since everyone is different. User Havib3 said, "Up and down, varied is nice, different angles and stuff, but yeah mostly up and down."

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Act Confident

Not surprisingly, guys really love when you act confident while you're up there. They want you to look right at them and show that you're in charge. User ExBABYYyMale said, "Go sit on your knees, slide it in. Look him in the eyes, put your arms together so you squeeze them real good. Might as well push them in his face occasionally (if he's into it). Go slow on him (move a little forward and up), build it up, tease him. He loves you, he loves your body, don't be afraid to show yourself. Who cares if you practice on two pillows in front of a mirror, whatever is needed to make you more confident."

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Don't Bend Too Far Back

Whatever you're trying, remember to be careful. His penis is sensitive and leaning in one direction too much can be super painful. User POGtastic said, "Do whatever gets you off, but please don't lean back too far. Our boners don't bend in that direction."

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Move Up and Down

The most popular tip was probably the one to bounce up and down instead of doing anything else. A user who has since deleted his username said, "Up and down from top to bottom. Circular movements are okay but not going to make me cum. Your nipples rubbing on my chest are a big turn on."

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Do What Works For You and Don't Worry About Him

Another common theme? A lot of the guys said that they didn't really care, because for them, the position is for the girl's pleasure. User Kasperblack said, "From my experience, I've always looked at op-top, as a ' for her' position. Meaning, a lot of my gf's/lovers, get off when their on top, for the most part. And I just let them do their own thing. I would just feel it out, and see what feels best. Good luck."

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