Is This Real Evidence That Beyonce Is In Labor Right Now?

Stop whatever it is you’re doing, because there is a good chance that Beyoncé has blessed the world with her two Gemini babies. If you have been on the internet at all over the past six months, you would know that Bey has been absolutely slaying her pregnancy, looking better than any of us ever could, even with two tiny humans in her body. But fans are starting to believe that Beyoncé has already given birth to the two babies, who are probably only a few hours old and still richer than all of us.


There is no official statement from Beyoncé’s reps, but there is enough evidence to suggest that the twins are here. First of all, Jay-Z was seen leaving his house in a hurry this morning, perhaps to rush to the hospital? And, Beyonce’s hairstylist posted a “good luck” pic on Instagram, which just makes it even more likely that the kids are here, or on their way:


There has also allegedly been increased security at a Los Angeles hospital, and some people are even saying that an entire floor has been shut down to accommodate Bey and her babies, but nothing has been confirmed. Still, Twitter has been going nuts at the possibility that there are two more Knowles-Carter babies in the world:

1. There is a general sense of urgency:




2. Me:




3. SAME:




4. We’re all panicking.




5. Extra af, but also real:




6. Some people think that Bey actually gave birth a while ago, and all of this drama is for nothing:




7. Wow, conspiracy theories:




8. Other people did note that if she DID give birth yesterday, then the twin would share a birthday with Trump, which is not really ideal.



It’s also worth noting that people have allegedly seen Bey’s security team carrying two baby seats into the hospital, which could mean that they were actually born a few days ago and are just now ready to be taken home. But, this contradicts reports that Beyonce turned her LA mansion into a state of the art maternity ward, so I don’t know what to believe. All I know is that it IS Gemini season, which is represented by twins, so this is the PERFECT time for these babies to come into the world. CONGRATS, BEY.

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