16 Cute DIY Items You Need For The Beach This Summer

As someone who goes to the beach as often as possible during the summer months, I can tell you that acquiring the necessary amount of items you need can get expensive fast. You could, of course, always do the bare minimum thing – you know, grab a towel, throw on a bathing suit, and go – but I find that your experience will be easier, more comfortable, and more convenient if you stock up on a lot of, if not all, beach essentials. It’s just that, like I said, doing that can be pricey. Luckily, you can save a little money and have the chance to get creative when you make some of your own beach accessories.

You can also use some of these tutorials as a way to update old beach items so that they look new and fun – so, no need to purchase something you already have just so it doesn’t look old! Putting these together is also just a productive way to spend all of the extra free time you have during the summer. And don’t worry – almost all of them will work just as well if you’re hanging in the pool. Check out these cute DIY beach accessories that are perfect for your seaside days or your next vacation:

1. DIY Towel Beach Bag



Carrying a lot of stuff to the beach sucks – it’s heavy, it’s hot, and it’s uncomfortable. Combine two of the heaviest things by making a towel bag, which is exactly what it sounds like: a bag that unfolds to be a towel, with a comfy pillow attached. Perfect!


2. DIY Straw Hat Quote



Calling it now: straw hats with words or phrases stitched on them will be one of summer 2017’s biggest trends. They can get pretty expensive though, so just make your own. Buy a cheap straw hat, then use floss to stitch in whatever word or phrase you like.


3. DIY Wet Swimsuit Bag



If you plan on changing at some point, you’re going to need somewhere to put your wet bathing suit that won’t get water all over the place. Enter a swimsuit bag, especially made just for that. Make your own and get creative with the design!


4. Updated One Piece Swimsuit



One piece swimsuits are incredibly popular right now, and the especially trendy ones have words or phrases on them. Get a cheap one piece, then put whatever you want on the front to look ~chic~ at the beach.


5. DIY Watermelon Round Towel



If you’re a little more experienced at DIY stuff, you should definitely try making your own round towel. Round towels are all over the place right now, and they’re comfortable and look adorable. And a watermelon one? Come on, that’s amazing. They are also weirdly expensive, so making your own will definitely save you some big bucks.


6. DIY Foiled Canvas Beach Bag



Don’t spend a lot on a fancy beach bag this year – make your own out of an inexpensive canvas tote bag. Using colorful foil for words and little designs will make it look super professional.


7. Updated Cooler



A cooler is necessary, especially if you like cold drinks and food that isn’t burning hot. But coolers are boring, especially the cheap ones. Update an old or cheap one with some cute little designs.


8. Updated Scalloped Bikini



Add some fun trim to an old and boring bathing suit to make it look fresh and new.


9. Pom-pom and Tassel Totes



Straw beach bags are another really big trend for this summer, especially when they’re embellished with colorful accessories. Add tassels and pom-poms to yours with this easy tutorial.


10. DIY Mesh Beach Bag



Sick of having sand collect all over your beach bag? Make your own mesh bag, which will help filter it out easily. It’s super practical and looks adorable.


11. DIY Palm Leaf Towel



Bored of your plain towel but don’t want to dish out the money for a new one? Follow this tutorial to make a really cool leaf print pattern that is also very *in* at the moment.


12. Pom Pom Embellishments 



Make any beach bag look more fun and colorful with these playful accessories.


13. DIY Round Towel



Seriously, if you know how to sew, make these round towels for yourself instead of dropping $100 on one.


14. DIY Splash-Proof Pouch



Protect your phone, keys, and money (and anything else) with a waterproof pouch. Super important!


15. DIY Donut Umbrella



You should also be protecting yourself from the sun with an umbrella. Make yours way more fun by making it look like a donut, because why not?


16. Boho Beach Tent



I mean… hey. I don’t know your life. Maybe you love the idea of a rustic looking tent instead of an umbrella. Go for it!

Which one of these DIY beach accessories are you going to try? What did we forget to add? Share in the comments.

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