Is This The Best Way To Get Your Crush’s Attention?

Some people might think that the best way to get their crush’s attention is to send a text asking to hang. Those people are brave AF. Other people, like most of us (aka ME), prefer to post fire selfies to Instagram to get the attention of potential baes. There is nothing wrong with that! Then there are a select few people who get the attention of their crush solely by accident. And those are the luckiest people. Hanna De Castro is one of those people. She posted an embarrassing childhood photo on Twitter of when her mom attempted a “half up half down hairstyle” that went majorly wrong:



I mean, we’ve all been there, right? We try to be ~trendy~ and end up looking like…well, not what we wanted it to look like. It’s funny to look at now, since it just goes to show how clueless some parents can be, even though they try really hard. Luckily, this beauty mishap turned into a viral tweet, which is always fun. People were loving it, since they could definitely relate:








But it gets better: not only did the tweet launch this user into her 15 minutes of internet fame, it also helped Hanna get in touch with her former crush. He recognized her from the photo and he even reached out to her:



And yes, it even gets better than that. Twitter users urged the two to date, which then caused Hanna to reveal her past ~crush~ on “David from CKP.”



Honestly? This is fate. Do you ever think about your preschool crush and wonder what they are up to these days? I know I do (Will from swim camp 2006, where you at?!). This is just an example of how powerful the internet is. I mean, look! THEY EVEN HAVE A CHILDHOOD PHOTO TOGETHER:



Obviously, we needed the whole story, so we reached out to Hanna, who told us that the two really did get in touch. She says, “Right after we identified each other we started messaging, catching up on life and such. We’re actually planning a real life preschool reunion soon.” Not everybody can find their long lost crush online, but it’s pretty cool that an embarrassing photo from somebody’s childhood can reunite two people, and even help them reconnect with other people from their preschool. I hope we are invited to the wedding.

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