16 Viral Beauty Products That Actually Work

It seems like just about anything can go viral these days. We have viral memes, viral videos, viral haircuts, and even viral foods. (Looking at you, Starbucks Unicorn Frap, RIP). Another category we see a lot of viral action from is beauty products.

Just think about how often your Insta feed is plagued with beauty bloggers posing with products. It probably accounts for about 87 percent of the things you see. Despite all of the thousands of products that they sing the praises of, there are some that capture everyone’s attention and everybody wants in on them.

While some are definitely over-hyped, there are other beauty products that are definitely worth all of the love poems and heart emojis. So how do you separate the good stuff from the fluff? I’m here to help you out. Have a look at 16 viral beauty products that are actually worth the hype.

1. Becca Champagne Pop by Becca


Buy for $38 from Sephora

There are certain products that have cult followings and then there are certain shades. This one falls into the latter category. There are tons of highlighters hitting the shelves, but this one was a standout thanks to its prismatic finish and unique but oh-so-flattering color.


2. Molly Cosmetics Silisponge


Buy for $9.90 from Molly Cosmetics

People are still obsessed with their beautyblenders, but when the SiliSponge came along, it made people realize that there are other equally awesome sponges out there. The facts that it promised no makeup waste and hygienic use were enough to convince people. However, I’m sure the fact the sponge looked like a gel bra pad definitely helped matters.


3. Savage Blackhead Peel-Off Black Mask


Buy for $16.99 from Savage

I know you have seen the viral videos and photos of this mask. And let me tell you that they aren’t cleverly edited. The black mask delivers results and it delivers them quickly. You can kiss pesky blackheads goodbye after a few uses.


4. Storybook Cosmetics Wizard Wands


Buy for $55 from Storybook Cosmetics

The beauty industry was a lot less fun before Storybook Cosmetics came into town with its themed brushes and makeup products. These Wizard Wands managed to captivate those who were Harry Potter fans and those who didn’t know the difference between Dumbledore and Hogwarts. And what really sealed the deal was that the brushes were as easy to use as they were gorgeous.


5.  Unicorn Lashes Unicorn Makeup Brushes


Buy for $60 from Unicorn Lashes

You know a product is good when people are willing to ship it halfway around the world, regardless of postage and duty charges. That’s the case with these gorgeous unicorn makeup brushes. They’re cute, high quality, and they actually make your makeup application easier.


6. Kat Von D Alchemist Holographic Palette


Buy for $32 from Sephora

Pretty much every Kat Von D product could be featured on this list. This highlighter palette in particular is a winner because it managed to stand out despite the fact 5,000 highlighters are released every year. (That may be a slight exaggeration.) And the palette managed to convince people that you really should be wearing blue, green, and purple highlighters…and sometimes at the same time.


7. BioBelle #UnicornGlow


Buy for $5.99 from BioBelle

When a product has a lot of hype before it’s actually released, I become dubious about just how good it actually is. This mask lived up to expectations in terms of Instagram appeal and skin-perfecting benefits. It’s made with good-for-your-skin ingredients that help nourish and hydrate. Plus, the packaging and the actual sheet mask slay.


8. Dr. Brandt Skincare Magnetight Age-Defier 


Buy for $75 from Sephora

It’s a mask with a magnet, how cool is that? This could easily be written off as a gimmick, but the product is actually legit. It uses the magnetic currents to help fight the signs of aging. And even people who have no interest in anti-aging products wanted to use it ASAP.


9. The Ordinary Retinol 1%


Buy for $6.90 from The Ordinary

Meet the product that is turning people who aren’t skincare fans into skincare obsessives who can talk at length about the differences between salicylic acid and lactic acid. The super long waiting lists are a good clue the products are worth it, but all the proof you really need is when you look in the mirror.


10. Sigma Beauty Lip Switch


Buy for $14 from Sigma Beauty

The *mysterious* name definitely attracted people, but it was the major finish that made these lippies a clear winner. Just a dab will help you unleash your inner unicorn thanks to the dazzling prismatic finish. When Sigma says that glosses “broke the internet,” the brand is not exaggerating.


11. Winky Lux Flower Balm Jelly Lip Stain


Buy for $14 from Winky Lux

It has an actual flower in it, you guys. Obviously, that helped make it go viral, but this isn’t all show and no substance. The magical lippie goes on clear then adjusts to a custom pink shade based on your body’s pH. How’s that for awesome chemistry?


12. Anastasia Beverly Hills Moon Child Glow Kit


Buy for $40 from Anastasia Beverly Hills

If you’ve after an alien-like glow, look no further than this palette. It’s the stuff that flawless Instagram beauty looks are made of. And what really makes it is that it looks as good IRL as it does online.


13. Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit


Buy for $29 from Kylie Cosmetics

Does this one even need an explanation? Nah. Considering that Kylie Jenner has released about 438 different liquid lipsticks and each one still causes pandemonium, you know that they are worth it. And considering that everyone and their mama has released a liquid lipstick, but people keep going back to Kylie’s definitely says something.


14. Lush Scrubee


Buy for $7.95 from Lush

You know that a product is good when it goes from being limited edition to being made part of the permanent collection. That’s exactly what happened with Scrubee. Yeah, part of the appeal is that its shaped like an adorable bee, but the delicious scent and its nourishing qualities make it a winner.


15. FLiRT Cosmetics Flashes Lash Applicator


Buy for $28 from FLiRT Cosmetics

TBT false lashes can be waaaaay more effort than they’re worth. However, FLiRT Cosmetics changed the game with its lash applicator. The tool looks like a White Out dispenser but actually dispenses sections of fake lashes into the perfect spot.


16. Forever 21 Rainbow Highlighter

viral 16

Buy for $5.90 from Forever 21

The highlighter that launched the obsession. If you were lucky enough to snag one of the constantly-sold-out highlighters, you will know that it looked as good on your face as it did in the package. And of course you can’t beat the budget-friendly price.


What viral  beauty products have you tried out? Let us know in the comments!

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