Taylor Swift Is Releasing New Music Soon, Probably

Before you start attacking me for this article, you need to hear me out: there is a VERY good chance that Taylor Swift is releasing music this year, and there is also a VERY good chance that it is coming our way soon. Even though she has been in the news a lot as of late, she actually hasn’t really done anything this year. Sure, she played a show in February, she’s sent out a couple of tweets, and she released a music video way back in January, but that’s it. Until last week, when she unexpectedly re-released all of her music on streaming services, where it was previously unavailable. And this, dear Gurl readers, is what I believe to be the beginning of a new Taylor Swift Era.

I’m not going to sugarcoat the fact that Taylor can be, uh, messy, which is why she’s been laying low the past few months. But we can all admit that she releases some relatable music that makes me feel like I need to break every boy’s heart on Earth. So, yeah, she might be a snake, but I’m still going to listen to “Blank Space” for the rest of my life. And soon, we might have some more music. Obviously nothing official has happened, but there are some little things that have been happening that indicate that Taylor is gearing up to take over the pop music scene, and I will walk you through them.

Exhibit A: Taylor has followed Twitter Videos.

Okay, this might not be a huge deal, but hear me out. Yesterday, some very devoted Taylor fans realized that she begun following Twitter Videos:




This could mean nothing, or it could mean everything. This opens up the possibility that Taylor is in talks with Twitter to release some new music, and possible new videos on Twitter. As you may or may not know, Taylor first announced her album 1989 by dropping the video for “Shake It Off.” So, if she were to drop some new music, there is a good chance she would release a video with it, and Twitter Video would be the place to do it.


Exhibit B: Taylor has been hanging around Nashville.


For somebody who has many houses in different parts of the world, Taylor sure has been spending a lot of time in Nashville, where her record label is located. She’s been seen around with her new BF Joe Alwyn, which is a huge sign itself. We have also learned all about Tay’s new BF, which is just another sign that she is ready to get back into the spotlight.


Exhibit C: Something is going on at her record label.



Not to be dramatic, but supposedly, there has been some sketchy stuff goin’ on at Big Machine’s headquarters, which is Taylor’s record label. This tweet was on June 5th, one day after Taylor was spotted in Nashville with her new BF. So, it DOES make sense that she would be there, since Big Machine is in Nashville. And, realistically, Big Machine doesn’t have any clients quite as big as Taylor, since they are a small country label, so if there was security for anybody, it would be her. And, as we all know, Tay is big on security. According to Ed Sheeran, she had a song hand delivered to him on an iPad instead of sending it online, to avoid the song being leaked. So, if anyone is going to be super extra about privacy, it’s Taylor.


Exhibit D: She has been re-releasing music.

giphy (8)

As you may or may not remember, Taylor pulled all of her music from streaming services (besides Apple Music) in 2014, but she made it available again last week, which could mean she’s prepping to release some more. Not only that, but her popularity on Spotify has been increasing since she has rereleased the album to Spotify, and now she is the 67th most listened to person on Spotify as of this morning.


Exhibit E: This whole AT&T situation.

Remember when AT&T announce Taylor Swift Now and promised new music?




They then deleted that part of the description, but we kept the receipts.


Exhibit F: Ed Sheeran SAID Taylor was going to drop an album.


For some reason, Ed Sheeran dropped the ball on this one. Earlier this year, he let it slip that there was new Swift music coming soon. ‘Taylor isn’t going to be releasing until probably the end of this year – Christmas is the smartest time to release because that’s when everyone buys records. So I’ve got a full year of just all Ed, all the time.”


Exhibit G: It is TIME.

giphy (10)

If you’ve noticed, Taylor releases albums like clockwork: one every two years since 2008, always in the fall. The last album was due at the end of last year, but it never came. Due to all of the drama Tay was involved in last year, it makes sense that she was trying to lay low to protect her image. But, it’s time for a new album, and Taylor probably knows that by now. If this album release goes the same way her last one has, she will most likely release a video in the summer, and the album in the fall. In my personal opinion, she won’t release anything sooner than that, since her BFFs Selena and Lorde are also releasing new music, and she’s probably going to let them do that before she does. I realize that this makes me seem like I have too much time on my hands, but I really am just excited for another Taylor album. She GETS ME, you guys.

Will you be excited for a new Taylor album? Tell us in the comments!

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