Quiz: Where Should You Have Sex This Summer?

Since summer is unofficially here, you are probably planning out your summer bucket list, as one does. Maybe you and your friends are going to plan an epic Fourth of July BBQ, or you want to plan a little trip, or even just something like going to a midnight movie. All of these are amazing summer ideas, but maybe you want to get a little more… creative. And by creative, I mean add some sex-related goals to your bucket list. Don’t laugh! I’m serious. I’m not saying you should make sex into some game, but there is no shame in wanting to have fun with it, and set some sex goals, like having sex somewhere a little out of the ordinary. 533ad690-b30b-0133-f658-0e31655e1f3d

You probably shouldn’t be having sex somewhere weird like an abandoned school, since that is… not cool and illegal. But there are some places you can have sex this summer besides your bedroom. Getting it on somewhere new can be fun and exciting, and summer is the perfect time to try that out. If you want to try out somewhere new to have sex, but you’re not sure where, we’ve created this easy and fun quiz that will help you decide what place is right for you. Good luck!

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