This Viral Tweet You’ve Been Seeing Online Is Fake

As someone who grew up on the internet, I have always been a little skeptical of things that I read. Mostly, I am just stubborn and don’t like to believe things without at least 73 pieces of evidence and official documents. I am kidding, but in all seriousness, everyone really needs to be hesitant when it comes to what we choose to believe online. This brings us to today’s story: yesterday a portrait of a very dapper-looking Barack Obama made its way around Twitter, and everyone lost it. Here it is, for reference:


The tweet went viral, with fans praising Obama for looking fly AF and the artist for making him look so good. Why is this such a big deal? The tan suit Obama is wearing looks the same as the infamous tan suit that he wore in August 2014 and was widely criticized for, since it was a pretty ~chill~ outfit for a president to be wearing at a news conference. Many believe that Obama chose to have his official White House portrait in this tan suit as a way of saying “IDGAF” to all of the haters. That would have been pretty iconic, but unfortunately, the portrait is not an official White House-endorsed painting. 

An official White House spokesperson told Buzzfeed that the painting wasn’t legit. It was actually created by a Dutch artist named Edwin van den Dikkenberg, who told Buzzfeed that he is “flattered” by all of the attention his art is getting. He then added, “I wish I had the opportunity to paint the official portrait but that’s not the case.” Still, you CAN purchase the portrait if you want it hanging in your room! Imagine waking up and being greeted by this iconic portrait every morning. I guess it’s a little weird, but whatever.

Even though it’s not an ~official~ portrait, it’s still a pretty awesome painting, and it’s pretty cool that the people of Twitter were celebrating it. According to the White House Historical Association, Obama’s presidential painting hasn’t been made yet, which makes sense, since George W. Bush’s portrait wasn’t unveiled until 2012, over three years after he left office.  But, if you need official Obama photos to tide you over for the next few years, he does have a digital portrait and even a 3D-printed portrait, so they are still some pretty iconic pictures of the former president.

What do you think of this portrait? Tell us in the comments!

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