Why Katy Perry Needs To Just Stop Trying So Hard

In the words of Taylor Swift: “if you’re coming my way, just don’t.” And yet, Katy Perry did. And she just won’t stop.

As I’m sure you’ve heard, the never ending Katy Perry and Taylor Swift feud is continuing to do just that: not end. The supposed feud started way back in 2013, when Katy apparently stole Taylor’s backup dancers, which caused a grudge between the two. But my issue with Katy Perry right now is about more than just the infamous (and annoying) Taylor Swift feud. Over the past few weeks, Katy has been promoting her new album, Witness, by making appearances where she comes off as someone who is trying way too hard. Watching her attempt to stay famous this way is the worst form of secondhand embarrassment. I sort of hate to say it, but Katy Perry needs to chill.

It wasn’t always this way! At one point, Katy was one of the biggest pop stars in the world. She released hit after hit and was truly killin’ it. I’ll be the first to admit that Teenage Dream was, and will continue to be, an iconic pop album filled with bops. But, uh… that was it. She hasn’t done anything as great as Teenage Dream (Prism, her album released in 2013, was not nearly as good), and she has now become someone who is scrambling to stay relevant by all means possible. Besides the lackluster music, Katy has recently begun to adopt this weird persona that has confused, well, everyone.

Katy has been doing what artists like Miley Cyrus did five years ago: trying to stay liked by coming off as offensive, racist, and ignorant in her attempt to be “cool.” Except we’re in a time period where the “cool” thing to do is be woke AF, and she’s missing the mark. She is steps behind others, and is trying her hardest to throw everything she’s got into her new image. Some examples of her cringeworthy behavior? She recently ranked her former boyfriends by how good they were in bed, live-streamed a therapy session, and danced on Saturday Night Live in a way that will make you cringe so hard it will hurt. That’s just….weird, girl. I get the idea of being transparent, but this is a lot. It doesn’t come off as genuine or real – it comes off as someone who knows this is what she should be doing, so she’s trying it. And it’s giving me a headache.



This brings us to the Katy/Taylor feud. What does a formerly A-list star with decreasing popularity do to get attention?There are a few things, but one of the easiest ways to guarantee a lot of press is to talk sh** on other celebrities who are arguably more famous than you. And if you’re going to do that, your best bet is to pick someone as controversial as Taylor Swift is right now. In this case, Katy has been revolving her entire promotional tour for Witness around talking about her years-old feud, something that no one has really thought about much… except for Katy. 

She’s thought about it so much that her single “Swish Swish” seems to be about the whole feud, and she keeps dropping hints about it in recent interviews. Meanwhile, Taylor has been silent on the whole situation for a while now, which just shows one thing: Katy is still using this for publicity because she has nothing else to use to get people talking.

At this point, it’s obvious that Katy is holding onto the spotlight by mentioning Taylor’s name at any given moment, and… it’s not really making people listen to her new album. Honestly, it’s exhausting. And I’m saying this as someone who saw the Teenage Dream concert movie in theaters twice!

The takeaway here is that Katy Perry doesn’t really seem to understand what she wants to do, so she’s just doing it all. She goes from insulting Taylor Swift to apologizing to her, and then admitting her love for her. Sure, artists can adapt and change their looks, but Katy seems to be moving in the opposite direction: she is trying so hard to make her image “edgy” that it is cringeworthy. If Katy had focused more on making good music with actual meaning, maybe people would have been able to take her more seriously, and she wouldn’t had had to use all of these attention-seeking tactics. Anyway, I’m going to listen to Firework and think about better days.

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