Do NOT Try This Weird New Vagina Trend

For some reason, it has become a “thing” these days to use a wide variety of products that will “tighten” your vagina. I don’t know why, but I have been seeing a LOT of these products that are promising a “tight” vag. I just want to tell you that you do NOT want to use these. The reasoning behind the bizarre myth is that sex is supposedly better when your vagina is tight and small. The latest ~trend~ right now it something that SEEMS like it would be too silly to exist, but it actually does. Women are literally putting ground up wasp nests in their vaginas. Yes, wasp nests, as in the place where wasps (the most vicious insects in the world, according to me) live and breed. And you can find these products on Etsy! Like for real!



That particular shop has stopped selling them, but you get the idea. There are a LOT of people on the internet trying to get you to shove these things up inside you. Supposedly, crushing these nests up and inserting them into your vagina can “restore the elasticity of the vagina.” I’m sorry, but NO.  This is a very dangerous trend that can bring a who lot of bacteria into your vagina. Not to mention how painful this seems like it would be?!

The seller lists a ton of other benefits, but doctors have been warning against this dangerous trend for the past month. Doctors say that the nest can dry out your vagina, and ruin your natural pH balance. So why are people doing this in the first place? Unfortunately, they want tighter vaginas, which have become a bit of a trend over the last few years, specifically by men who insist that they want girls with tighter vaginas.  First of all, if a guy ever says that to you, run away. Second of all, the myth that every girls vagina has to be tight NEEDS to be destroyed. Like, right now.

Not only can a tighter vagina cause more painful sex, it’s important to note that vaginas are suppose to stretch. They are not supposed to be a tight little thing, or else sex would be painful AF. When you get aroused, your vagina will losein, which is a GOOD thing. It means that your body is getting ready and excited for intercourse. This also means that you will produce more natural lubricant, so you will enjoy sex even MORE. I promise! You really shouldn’t try any of these DIY vagina products, since your vagina is smart on its own, and you don’t want to mess with it! If you are really worried about your vagina and its tightness  head to a doctor, not the internet.

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