10 Things That Make A Guy Instantly Like A Girl

If you are a girl who likes to date (or fantasize about dating) guys, then I am sure it’s safe to say that you spend at least a little bit of time wondering what makes a guy like a girl. I mean, I don’t think you’re sitting around, spending all of your time worrying about how your every little action comes off to a man (at least, I sincerely hope you are not doing that), but I do think the thought crosses your mind every once in a while. For me, it always used to happen when I would be unsuccessfully attempting my best flirting methods, and then I would see some amazing girl effortlessly capturing the attention of a guy in maybe two seconds, and I would be like, “What am I doing wrong?”

In hindsight, what I was probably doing wrong was not speaking and blushing a lot, because I was shy growing up and I didn’t know how to act like someone who wasn’t awkward, but you know what? Enough about me. The point of the story is that there are some things girls can do that make guys instantly like them – and a lot of you would be lying if you said you didn’t want to know what those things are. Luckily, we have things like Ask Reddit threads, where guys get personal about those exact topics. Like this one, which talks about the things that make a guy instantly like a girl. Please don’t change your personality or way of being to try and please men in this way, but just keep this info in the back of your mind. Also, disclaimer: of course, every dude is different and not all of them think this way. What’s hot to one guy might be a total turn-off to another. This is just the opinions of some!

When A Girl Is Blunt

You know how some people lie to get someone to like them? Don't do this. Guys like when girls are honest and truthful more than they like someone who sugarcoats everything. User NoMistaeks said, "when she's kind of blunt without being a bitch. She speaks her mind honestly, without being snotty or derisive about it." You would probably hate it if a guy just sat around saying things to please you - dudes aren't into it either.

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When A Girl Seems Happy To See Them

For some reason, people are constantly encouraged to act like they don't care about the person they're pursuing. This helps... no one. You don't need to act like seeing the dude is the best day of your life, but a little enthusiasm doesn't hurt. User GoatsoniceGoats said, "When she's excited to be with me/general enthusiasm. I met a girl not too long ago who was literally skipping around me when we were exploring stuff." I wouldn't come on super, super strong, but show that you're stoked to hang out if you are. It will make him feel good!

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Being Able To Joke Around About Stuff

One of the most important turn-ons to so many guys is a sense of humor. User My3centsItsWorthMore said, "When she plays along with jokes and shit talking. you can have a conversation with anyone. Everyone has interests and things they can talk about. How they approach conversation is a unique trait, and for me defines what it's like to spend time with them." Of course, this doesn't mean you need to play into the "I'm a Cool Girl and I don't care about feminism or anything like that!" persona that is unfortunately still popular. You should still stand up for yourself and not tolerate speech you don't agree with, but having a sense of humor and being able to joke around and have fun is good too.

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When A Girl Stands Up For Herself

It's easy to go on, say, Twitter, and assume that all guys want girls who don't have opinions, but that definitely isn't true. One really popular turn-on for dudes is a girl who can speak her mind in a smart, confident way. User javaxnerdMale said, "When someone does or says something wrong and she confidently sticks up for herself and her opinions even when she knows it will make her unpopular." Guys like to see girls own their personality, be who they are, and be unapologetic about it without also being rude or snobby. I think we can say most girls like this quality in men too.

Taking An Interest In His Hobbies

It can't be said enough: guys love it when a girl at least tries to be interested in what they're into. User komnenos said, "When she takes an interest in my interests and/or hobbies." You don't have to act like you love something you don't love and you don't need to get rid of your own hobbies to do theirs. You just need to show interest, ask questions, remember they like those things, and maybe give them a try.

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A Good Sense Of Style

A lot of people assume guys don't care about fashion at all, but that isn't always true! While some guys don't, there are other men who love when a girl is dressed well. User lonelypanda said, "Clothes. If she doesn't dress like other people, but not in some fashion model sort of way. She doesn't even have to be well groomed or wearing expensive stuff. It just does it for me. But if I had to try to understand why, it's probably because it shows she has a strong personality, isn't like other people and yet knows what she likes. That's a bit of an exaggerations but it hints at those things which I value. I'm an oddball myself so I get along with other oddballs." This doesn't mean you have to look like a supermodel every day, but putting effort into your appearance gives off a good impression.

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When A Girl Is Really Good At Something

One thing dudes love even more than confidence? Passion. They get really into a girl when she knows a lot about a particular topic. User CalvinDehaze said, "When she knows more about something than I do. Like expert level." Show off your skills, bb!

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Being Open and Friendly

No surprise here: dudes love girls who are confident, friendly, and open. User VincentGrayson said, "Affability. I can be into more introverted, quiet women at times, but I really immediately respond to people who are warm and friendly and talkative. Also, openness. If you're the sort to immediately be telling me, as a near-stranger, about some weird shit you've gotten up to, or an embarrassing sex story, etc, we're going to get along very well." As a shy girl, hearing this is kind of a bummer - but don't worry. Not every guy feels this way, and you can find someone who's cool with your more low-key attitude.

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When A Girl Shows She Cares

Don't just sit there pretending to listen - actually listen. User Novasight said, "When she actually shows she cares about what I have to say." I think anyone would agree that talking to someone who's interested is way more of a turn-on than talking to someone who's bored.

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Having A Similar Sense Of Humor

Sense of humor again! Guys love when a girl laughs with them or jokes around about things they find funny - and vice versa. User cokeiscoolMale said, "If she laughs at something stupid I said. It's silly, but if we share a similar sense of humor, im smitten"

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