16 Easy Ways To Actually Be Productive Over The Summer

Despite the fact that it has pretty much always been my deepest desire to have teens on the internet who don’t know me personally refer to me as “mom,” I am not, in fact, your mother. (Please continue to feel free to call me “mom,” though! [that is, if your real mother, the one who birthed you, is cool with it!]) Because of this, I cannot actually tell you what you should do this summer. I cannot tell you to clean your room, or take advantage of your community center pool, and I can’t tell you not to spend the whole day on the computer. And I certainly cannot tell you to be productive this summer.

But, if you would like some advising on what to do this summer, I probably would advise that you look into trying to be productive. It’s easier than you might think! Summer is also kind of the the best time to be productive, because you technically don’t have to anything–this means that everything you do choose to do is basically a bonus. So. Feel like getting some extra credit? Check out these easy ways to be productive over the summer:

1. Do your summer reading ASAP:


You have to do it anyway, so you might as well get it done quickly. (Plus, you might be surprised by how much you end up liking them.)

2. Read some books that aren’t on your summer reading list:


Why? Just because.

3. If you’re applying to college next year, try to get a few essays done ahead of time:


This way, you’ll have time to edit them. Plus, you’ll be so busy during the school yer next year that you’ll be very happy that you got at least some of the college application process done ahead of time.

4. Apply to as many scholarships as you can:


You’ll want the money for college–trust me, you will–but it’ll be really hard to do scholarship applications on top of your college apps. So, get as many done now as you can!

5. Clean out your computer:

6. And externally, too:

7. Give your room a deep clean:


You know, like, finally getting rid of your old clothes and random school assignments and old trophies from swim team. You don’t need them anymore!

8. Make that one DIY room fixture you’ve always wanted to have in your bedroom:


You know there’s something.

9. Work on developing a new (healthy) habit:


Like making your bed every morning or eating more vegetables. It’ll be easier to focus on it over the summer, when you don’t have as many other things going on.

10. Take a free class online:


MIT and other universities offer a bunch of their classes for free–you literally have nothing to lose by taking one, so you might as well try it.

11. Go to a museum:


Even if you don’t live in a big city with major museums, chances are good that your town has some sort of small museum. See what there is! You might be pleasantly surprised.

12. Start a blog:
Do you have something to say? Well, you’ll never really find out for sure unless you start a blog to figure it out.

13. Or do some creative writing that you don’t want to be published:


You might want it to be published one day! (The same idea can be applied to art or any other creative pursuit. Basically, if there’s something you’ve always thought about doing, you might as well do it now!)

14. Learn to play an instrument:


Or, if you already play an intstument, dedicate the summer to mastering it.)

15. Find every scrap of change in your room and take it to a Coinstar:


You’ll probably make, like twenty dollars. Which isn’t a lot, sure, but it’ll be more than you had before.

15. Listen to a podcast:


You’ll learn a lot–plus, you’ll literally always have something to talk about with adults.

16. Start a podcast:


It’ll look good on college apps!



Are you going to try and be productive this summer? Do you have any other tips to share? Let us know in the comments!

You can reach the author, Sara Hendricks, on Twitter and Instagram.

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