6 Foolproof Ways To Buy The Right Jumpsuit For You

Jumpsuits rule, period. Whether in the form of a traditional jumpsuit or a romper, jumpsuits are one of the most versatile clothing items you can have in your closet. They can be dressed up or down, they come in all kinds of materials, they can be retro or contemporary, and they have all the perks of a dress without worrying about a gust of wind causing everyone to see your underwear.

But there are two downsides to this magical sartorial essential: One, they’re lowkey annoying when you need to use the bathroom (DON’T WEAR THEM AT A FESTIVAL; PORTA POTTY AND ROMPER DON’T MIX, BELIEVE ME). Two, they can be a pain in the butt when it comes to finding one that actually looks, feels, and fits well. I definitely know that struggle all too well as a tall girl. There’s nothing worse than falling in love with a jumpsuit or romper at a thrift shop, only to discover that it straight up cuts off the blood circulation to your vagina whenever you wear it, because it was clearly made for someone, like, six inches shorter than you. Yeah, not a good look. But don’t worry, here are six foolproof ways to buy a jumpsuit that is right for you. Trust, once you get the hang of it you’ll want to wear jumpsuits all the time.

Fit Is Everything

Like I said in the intro, jumpsuits can be a struggle when it comes to finding a size that fits properly. You wouldn't believe how many jumpsuits I've tried on that have emphasized my crotch more than anything else because they were clearly designed with a shorter body in mind. I know that I emphasize this so often, but please, if you can, try before you buy. You don't want to just grab a jumpsuit off the rack for some cool event you're going to in a few days, only to realize the crotch is either at your knees or cutting off blood supply to your bits.

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Consider The Material

A lot of jumpsuits come in breezy polyester and other synthetic materials. Hey, nothing is inherently wrong with this--some of my favorite jumpsuits are made of these materials. But be wary if you're wearing them in warm weather. Synthetic materials hold in heat and moisture more than more breathable materials like cotton, making them sweat traps on hot days. You might want to opt for cotton jumpsuits and rompers when it's sweltering.

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Find Killer Jumpsuits At Your Local Vintage Store

Pro-tip: Some of the cutest, most unique jumpsuits and rompers can be found at vintage shops. This is especially true if you're looking for a killer print that goes beyond generic contemporary floral designs you'll find at Forever 21 or something. You're going to find jumpsuits ranging from military-style numbers, to '70s dreams, to '90s style wonders that look low key tacky but so cool at the same time. You'll find such a wider range of jumpsuits and rompers at vintage and thrift locations that you just won't get at the mall or at your favorite online retailer, period.

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Find Jumpsuits And Rompers That Cinch At The Waist

This is a great tip for those of you who want to rock your first jumpsuit but feel nervous about how good you may or may not look in them. The easiest way to instantly make an outfit look nicer, more put together, and tailored to your body is if you rock a jumpsuit with a cinched waist. These styles are a lot more accessible than styles that don't emphasize the waist. If you fall in love with a jumpsuit that has zero definition in the waist, grab a belt that pairs nicely with your jumpsuit and you're golden.

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Wide Leg Jumpsuits + Heels = Match Made In Heaven

If you're copping a jumpsuit at your favorite store at the moment, chances are you'll find a ton of wide leg jumpsuit styles. If you want a cheat code to making them look killer every time, listen up: Rock 'em with some heels. By heels I don't mean, like, uber fancy stilettos or something. You can go for anything from a chunky block heel to a platform. Why heels? Unless you're going for an ultra boho/hippie look, wide leg jumpsuits with flats look a little more unpolished, especially if the hem is dragging along the floor! Heels help prop the hem up and make your jumpsuit look a little more put together. Plus, you look taller, which is never a bad thing TBH.

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When In Doubt, Cheat And Rock Overalls

When you look up jumpsuits on most online retail sites, you'll find overalls thrown into the mix. I mean, hey, they kind of are jumpsuits in their own way. So if you think that you just can't pull off jumpsuits, why not give overall styles a try? Pair them with a cute off the shoulder tee underneath (as seen in this photo), or rock with a chunky cropped sweater underneath on colder days.

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Do you like jumpsuits? Or do you think they’re a huge pain in the butt? Tell us in the comments!

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