7 Of The Craziest Disney Conspiracy Theories You Need To See

I’m going to be honest with you all: if you tell me a conspiracy theory, odds are I will believe it. Well, maybe not 100 percent, but I will be VERY invested in it and research it for hours on end. It’s not that i’m gullible, it’s just that I do really believe that certain things are not always what they seem. This is ESPECIALLY true for Disney movies, IMO. When you think about it, it sort of makes sense: Disney movies are made for kids, and kids will never notice little things, they will just be paying attention to the colors and the songs. So, certain movies have weird undertones that you might not even notice, like secret dead characters, or references to historical events.

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Obviously, we will never know for certain if these theories are real and TBH, they probably aren’t. But, it’s still fun to take something super familiar and kind of ruin your childhood for a little bit, right?I mean, it’s obviously a little silly, but sometimes they really do blow your mind with how much research goes into these things.  If you’re into conspiracy theories, take a look at these WILD Disney theories that will make you rethink everything you know.

Toy Story 3 Is About The Holocaust

This is dark, I know, but some people believe that Toy Story 3 is actually supposed to parallel the Holocaust. In the movie, the toys get stuck in a daycare and have to save themselves. The theory is that the daycare is supposed to resemble a concentration camp, and when the toys are sent to the incinerator, this is supposed to be like how the Jews were sent to their own deaths. And then the toys are saved by others... similar to the real life Holocaust. It's super sad and kind of creepy and inappropriate, but I'm just the messenger!

Peter Pan Is Actually The Angel Of Death

This one is spooky, too. Many people believe that Peter Pan is a boy who never grew up because he died. Supposedly, going to Neverland is a metaphor for dying, and Peter was supposed to help kids feel okay about dying. This theory actually has some truth to it: the author of Peter Pan supposedly had the story read at hospitals so that kids wouldn't be afraid of death.

Alice Is On Drugs

I mean, this one makes a little bit of sense. Alice in Wonderland is known for being a, uh, weird movie that many people believe is about doing hard drugs. Other people think the story is just a dream, but there is that character who smokes a lot, so who really knows. It also makes sense since the original Disney movie was made in the '50s, a time when drugs were all the rage.

Cars Is A Prequel To Transformers

There isn't a lot of evidence to back this up and it's most likely not true at all, but it is a fun theory. I mean, where ARE the humans in the Cars movies? Maybe they they came after the cars, then the humans wiped them out, and they came back as fighting robots in Transformers. Anything is possible, I guess.

Snow White Dies In The End

Even though we see her prince come and save her with a ~kiss~, many believe that he actually represents death, and that Snow White dies at the end.  I mean, she IS in a coffin, right? It makes a little bit of sense! Supposedly, the castle represents heaven, and when the prince and Snow White head there at the end, he is actually walking her to the afterlife.

Andy's Parents Are Divorced

This one actually makes sense! If you look closely in the background of Toy Story, you'll see that there are NO pictures of Andy's father. As a child of divorce, I DO have a very specific memory of my mom throwing out pictures of my dad, but that's besides the point. Andy looks for a father figure in Woody, and the family is even moving to a smaller house after his parent's divorce. It makes sense!

Nemo Was Dead The Whole Time

Some people really believe that Nemo was dead throughout the whole movie, which makes me feel scratchy. Believe it or not, this theory has some good points. First of all, Nemo means "no man" in Latin. Second, all of the stuff with Nemo doesn't happen until after Marlin's wife dies - so who says Nemo didn't die with her, and Marlin is just imagining him? The whole movie deals with Marlin's stages of grief , and one stage of grief can be denial. The end, where he finds Nemo, is supposed to symbolize his acceptance that his family is dead. I'm not sure how this theory works with Finding Dory, though.

What theories did we miss?? Tell us in the comments!

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