15 Reasons Not To Shave Your Pubes This Summer

It might not technically be summer, but everyone is already well into the summer spirit. The ice cream trucks are out, we’ve dug our shorts out of the backs of our closets, and the summer festival season is well under way. And for many, it’s a time to think about body hair removal.

Even if you adopt more of a laissez faire attitude to body hair removal in the winter, you might be busting out the razors and wax when the temperatures warm up. That’s cool if you prefer a hairless look, but be aware that you don’t have to shave your body hair, no matter what society, your friends, your boyfriend, or your older sister say.

If you’ve been debating about going natural this summer, you could start off by not shaving your pubes. If you’re still unsure about the idea, here are 15 reasons not to shave your pubes this summer:

1. You won’t have to worry about razor burn.


Just stop and imagine what it is like to have a crotch area that isn’t inflamed or bumpy.


2. You will save a ton of money on shaving cream and razors.
kim money gif

Go spend that money on something you will enjoy like gelato and bikinis.


3. You won’t have to worry about that itchy regrowth.


Remember those times when you couldn’t focus on having a good time because you were too busy resisting the urge to scratch down there? You won’t have to worry about any of that.


4. You can have a proper disco summer.

austin powers groovy

As in, the 1970s, when a full bush was the only way to go. Bring it back!


5. Ingrown hairs will be a thing of the past.


You will not have to be constantly checking your vagina in a hand mirror for ingrown hairs. And you will never have to worry about picking ingrown hairs and risking infection because you probably won’t have any.


6. You will have that much more time to do things you actually enjoy.

no time

The amount of time you spend shaving your pubes can add up. And that is precious time of sunny weather and beach days with friends you’re not going to get back.


7. You won’t have to worry about your freshly shaved pubic area burning in the chlorinated pool or salt water.


Because that can REALLY sting.


8. You can wear any pair of shorts or pants without fear they will irritate down below.


No freshly shaved skin or sensitive hair follicles to worry about irritating.


9. You will not get a major case of the pricklies.


Because the only thing worse than hair starting to grow back is hair that has started to grow back and is prickly AF.


10. You won’t have to worry about your underwear irritating your freshly shaved vag.


Grab any pair of undies from your drawer and pop them on without worrying about any repercussions.


11. You and bae can experiment with new things down there.


If you’re used to being completely hairless down below, having hair can make old experiences feel like new.


12. You can try out all those pube products you’ve been meaning to try.


We know that you’ve been curious about that pubic hair oil. Now you can give it a go.


13. You can actually have a quick shower.


There’s no need for contorted poses to try and get that hard-to-reach spot of hair. You can just wash, rinse, and go.


14. You can stop stressing about the fear of cutting your labia with a razor.


If you never pick up that razor, you never have to worry about anything bad happening.


15. You will become more comfortable with your body.


You’re embracing your body in its natural state and that body positive mindset will probably rub off into other areas. Give it a go!


Have you ever stopped shaving your pubes in the summer? Let us know in the comments!

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