30 Times Tumblr Perfectly Explained What Depression Is Really Like

Anyone who has suffered from depression knows that it is a debilitating disease that affects every aspect of one’s life. It’s not fun or funny in any way, and it’s a serious concern that should never be taken lightly. I personally have not suffered from depression, but I have watched loved ones and friends go through it, and I can tell you that, even as an outsider, it’s incredibly upsetting.

That being said, I think it’s important to note that, sometimes, humor about your situation can help, even if serious ones like depression. This is why there’s so much dark humor out there, or why comedians say things that seem inappropriate about something upsetting or controversial – because laughing at something can be a good way to cope with it. It’s important to take depression seriously, but it’s also important to be able to laugh at it, if only to give yourself some sense of control or to make you feel a little bit better. Humor won’t cure anything, obviously, but it can sometimes make things feel more manageable.

Tumblr is really great at making people laugh over serious topics, especially when it comes to depression. In fact, you’ll find that it’s difficult to go on Tumblr at any given point and not come across a post that touches on depression, anxiety, and self-deprecating humor. So, check out these Tumblr posts that explain what depression is like through some dark, twisted humor. If you suffer from depression, you just might appreciate it:

2. Well, first of all, EXACTLY.



2. You feel this way quite often:



3. You want to say to anyone who reminds you it could be worse:



4. You want to talk about it at the weirdest moments:



5. You have trouble listening to anyone else’s complaints:



6. You know your depression is causing you to do things that are bad for you but you can’t stop it:



7. You always feel exhausted by everything:



8. You feel like you’re always waiting for your next depressive episode:



9. This is your honest answer to this question:



10. Also this:



11. This is funny to you, but also not that funny:



12. This feels like an accurate representation of things:



13. You feel depressed more than you feel like you’re having a good time:



14. This is… too real:



15. Sometimes you get hit with an episode out of nowhere:



16. This is your honest answer to this question:



17. You cover up your depression with bad behavior:



18. Sometimes you seem okay, but it doesn’t last that long:



19. You get hit with the feelings at the worst time:



20. You feel easily replaceable:



21. This seems like something you would do:



22. You push others away more often than not:



23. You try to go on even as it feels like things are falling apart:



24. You often feel like you can’t even get out of your bedroom:



25. You’re lonely but you know you contributed to that:


26. You know a lot of the things that are wrong are from your behavior:



27. You use humor to cover up the truth:



28. You hear this too often:



29. You feel like this a lot:



30. Your days look like this:



On a very serious note, if you do suffer from depression or suicidal thoughts, please know that help is available at the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255. 

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