8 Ways Every Penis Is Different

Some person once said, “Penises are like snowflakes in that each one is different.” It might not be the most beautiful piece of prose that was ever written, but it is a pretty decent analogy because the statement holds true.

We are all unique individuals with unique personalities, goals, ideas, and bodies. When it comes to the last one, there are some obvious common characteristics we share (arms, legs, noses, etc.) but the variances we get are pretty incredible. And that is definitely true when it comes to peens.

If you’ve with a new guy and are wondering if something is up down there because he seems so different compared to your last bae, it’s likely that nothing is amiss. That is just your SO’s unique body. To help you understand more, take a look at eight ways all penises are different.

The Look Of Balls

Balls. They're not something that we give much thought to. TBH, dudes hardly focus on them compared to other parts of their anatomy down there. However, if you were to take a notice of balls, you would realize that they are all a bit different from the shape, to the size, to even how they hang.

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The Angle It Sits At

You're probably never going to get out your protractor to measure the angle of bae's peen, but take my word for it that they're all slightly different. Some penises go to the left, others go to the right, while others hang a bit closer to center.

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Color Of The Pubes

I'm obviously not counting some dudes who have decided to try the questionable rainbow pubes look in this, but you will realize that there are many different shades of pubic hair down there. And some dudes even have different color hair on different parts of their peen. You might think that pubes are simply one color, but there are countless shades, even when we're just looking at dark brown hair.

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The Smell Down There

There are so many things that can impact the smell down there from body washes to the kind of underwear bae wears to his diet. That is why all peens have a slightly different smell. And a guy's *signature* scent can change depending on altering lifestyle changes. And yes, some definitely do smell better than others.

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The Amount Of Pubic Hair

I'm talking about the amount of natural hair down there, and not manicured nether regions. Some people are blessed with full bushes that seem to extend south of the bellybutton to the thighs while others have more patchy pubes where you can see the skin clearly through them.

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The Color Of It

Or should we say colors. Just like there are thousands and thousands of different skin tones. There are thousands and thousands of different peen colors. And for each penis there are differences between the head, shaft, the balls, and the rest of the body.

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The Shape Of The Head

Guys love to focus on their girth and size, but they don't seem to be as ready to discuss the shape of their heads. They may not chat about it as much, but note that there are a number of differences in terms of size, shape, proportion and even color.

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The Taste Of It

Hello. Just like the smell, the taste of a peen (and semen) are all impacted by lifestyle choices. You've probably heard the one about guys eating pineapple to make their cum taste sweeter--that one might not be exactly true, but if guys eat a healthy diet, their penis will probably taste better than that of someone who doesn't.

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What have you noticed that is different about all penises? Let us know in the comments!

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